New Beginnings...Finally

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Smile New Beginnings...Finally

It can sound silly but it's day 2 without any tears. There were a couple close calls but I stopped that. The time for mourning with tears is over!~ The calls, the emails, the face to face visits are done.

He is truly messed up and I cannot love him enough to change that, only he can. If he runs back home to where his famiy is and doesnt get treatment. Then he will no doubt face additional hardship. But I cannot help that.
He wanted me to be strong and go on, move past this. Well, it took me almost two weeks of pure hell, but I think I've done it.

I have some things to figure out, living, finances, future, etc. But those will begin to fall in place now that I can ponder MY future. The stupid sucker, he let a bottle and mental weakness cost him; me and 20K!~ Serves him right...kinda even if i do feel sorry for him.

It has been wonderful that you all have let me vent and share my personal tourment through this. It is very theraputic. Now watch me recover myself and my future!
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i know how hard it is and think of how far you've come! there's no turning back now!
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sthrnraizd congrats first on doing what you needed to do for your self! I am a recovered alcoholic so I know the other side of the fence, what you have done is not only the best thing for you, but it is also the best thing for him.

Now unless he finds another victim to allow him to kill himself, he will finally have no choice but to face his disease head on like I had to and make a decision................. "Do I want to continue to drink and die or sober up and live?"

I was real lucky and made the decision before it was entirely to late for myself and my family.

I am so glad to see you refused to be a victim of an alcohlic.
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let it grow!
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you're making very good choices, sthrnraizd. it's not easy, i understand. proud of you! k
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Originally Posted by sthrnraizd View Post
Now watch me recover myself and my future!

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let it grow!
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that's a great smiley face, denny! good find! k
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