Not agen =[

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Unhappy Not agen =[

I feel asif my mam had achieved something, I thought hey this just may be the time she may quit her addiction but I walk down the street coming home from college and realise my dads cars outside he's home early then I realise that she must have drank again, my heart sinks. I walk in, with family sitting around her but I feel asif they were just laughing at her and they dont take it as serious as I do. I ended up having to go outside and play with the dog or I will just burst into tears, hes the one who gets me through even if he cant talk back. I feel embaressed because once the family leaves she goes on what we call the 'ran dan' were she just leaves and dusnt come back for a couple more hours. Inside I know I love her sooo much but I can't help but get angry with her cause she just leaves me and my brother. I feel asif I'm in a storm and just as she gets better the clouds disapear but then all of a sudden the cover me agen and it's all I think about. I know this may selfish as she may have her reasons but this is just my perspective on things. My dad then tells me that he cant take any more and is going to live with nana which I am glad as this will stop the arguin but now I feel unprotected cause if she drinks again who will I rely on. Tommorow she will be back home and pretending things are back to normal, hopefully she'll be fine.
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Frizz I have a feeling that this may belong in the Friends & Family section, but let me just say my heart breaks for you.

Is your dad leaving you with her?

No matter what the out come of this is I highly reccommend you go to alateen or alanon to help you cope with this.

I also would suggest you talk to your dad and let him know that you do not want to stay with her without him around.

Talk to your school counselor, this is not something you should be dealing with alone.
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hello frizz, it's nice to meet you. your situation sounds difficult, i'm sorry. please take good care of yourself and keep posting. meanwhile, remember this about your mom's addiction - you didn't cause it, you can't cure it, and you cannot control it. blessings, k
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Hi and Welcome to SR!

I did move this over to Friends and Family
as I told you in my PM.

Mega Hugs to you and your family
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from one frizz to another---I am so sorry for your troubles---and welcome
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Just wanted to say hi to you......(((Hugs))). Please keep reading and posting here, we are here for you.
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Hi Frizz,
I'm sorry about your mom and the whole situation with your family. You don't have to face this all by yourself. We are here and there are meetings you can attend that will help. Have you tried Alanon or Alateen? I'm not sure of your age but one of the two groups or both may be of interest to you.
Welcome to Friends and Families of Alcoholics' forum and feel free to keep posting whenever you need to.
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