Im Confused..

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Im Confused..

Okay so my mom returned yesterday, and she was supposed to go to a AA orientation because the whole time she was gone she didnt drink. So she went tonight at 4 and she was supposed to be there till atleast 8. So im sitting on the couch and my dad pulls up at 5 in my moms car with him driving. So many thoughts running through my mind at that point because shes been turned down alot by treatment place. But anyways, It turns out my mom was drunk and she went to the meeting and they had to call my dad to come pick her up.. man that makes me mad that she has the nerve to walk into that place smelling like alcohol when shes supposed to be there for treatment. Its AA not a bar.

So my dad, me and my mom and sisters all had to go out to go pick up my dads car because he had to drive her home. so then i had to drive home when my dad got his car. Ill tell you this, it was the worst drive home. my mom was telling me how i havent been a daughter lately and that shes dissappionted in me same old same old. She was actually close this time and she goes and blows it away.

My mind and heart are thinking different things. I cant stand this anymore. I need something or someone i can depend on. Someone that wont turn away when i need them the most. My dad is at his breaking point and hes not doing good at all. We found alateen meetings and we will be attending pretty soon.

Srry i rent alot.

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Ashley you come rant whenever you need or want to.

Your mom is being typical......I know I was like her at one time in my life. I was that way for 24 years, but now have lots and lots of continuous sobriety.

Your mom is 'lashing' out at you and others, she is in denial and thus has to blame other people places and things for her problems.

You on the otherhand are a daughter I would love to call mine. You go to those alateen meetings sweetie, they will be great for you. Is there a counselor at school that you could confide in also? And if your siblings are old enough 12 or older how about taking them with you to alateen.

Alcoholism not only affects the individual drinking it affects THE WHOLE FAMILY.

Sweetie, please post anytime here, let us know how you are doing, we do care!!!!!

Love and hugs,
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Ashley, Sorry your mom drank, happens a lot, till they get the want to.
Perhaps she will try again. Hope so for all of you. HUGS
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I'm sorry honey, hang in there, I wish I caould help more but I'm still to messed up. I'm glad you are here. We care((((((((Ashley)))))))))
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A tiny step is what she took. She went to the meeting. Drunk or not she went.
They only require that a person has a desire to stop. Show up drunk enough times and one day she may come home sober.

Now as to what your mom says to you...
She is angry at herself inside. I can't blame me so I need blame someone else...
Ashley happened to be there at the time. What comes out is denial, not truth.
Above all, know that her words are just that...words. Yes they hurt but they are not truth and the words are driven by the alcohol, not your mom.
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