Did Xanax help?

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Did Xanax help?

Please, I am not here asking whether the combination of alcohol and xanax is dangeourous. nor am I asking how withdrawing from xanax can be hell on earht. I am old enough and done enough research on the subjetct.
My question is specific. For someone who has tried everything under the sun, every program, therapy...ect
would Xanax help me for the next couple of months leveling my mood/ withdrawl help while getting back to a program of recovery. Probably AA ....againg
I really hope to hear from someone who had a positive experience while of course not ending up in the sma rabbit hole of booze.
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would Xanax help me for the next couple of months leveling my mood/ withdrawl help while getting back to a program of recovery.
The only person who can answer this question is your Dr, Shakeel.

I did not use Xanax or any drugs for withdrawal and I'm sure you heard a lot about why Xanax might not be a wise choice in your other thread.

As for mood leveller - not sure what you mean - if you mean to help you deal with anxiety - I've had good results with beta blockers, but again I would not mix meds with alcohol.


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Yes, consulting with your doctor is the best course of action. I had medications prescribed that helped me on my journey in recovery, but the best results came from sobriety and the recovery programs I chose to follow.
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I did consult with Dr I have been prescribed xanax, was just wondering other ppl experience with the stuff concerning first month of alcohol withdrawals. If anyone reads my old posts they will see how much I have tried to sober up to no avail.
I am back in AA, looking for sponsor as well but like I said if anyone takes a peek at my history they would recommend something/anything for a while until sobriety takes hold.
I am not ranting just really frustrated with this booze situatuation.
By the way, I have taken BetaBlockers in the past, they are miracle pills however I had vivid nightmares and hallucinations at night, I was actuallly seeing ppl in my room so I am not getting near them ever. lol
Thank you guys for the replies
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If your doctor knows about your past addiction problem and still prescribed xanax, I'm assuming he/she is going to be keeping a close eye on your use of it? I'm surprised a doctor would prescribe xanax to an alcoholic.

I took prescribed xanax in the past but I had quit taking it long before I stopped drinking this last time because it was part of the problem.

It works great for anxiety, BUT - I really feel it was one of the reasons I started drinking again after 18 years sober.

It works too well, but it's got a short effectiveness window. Meaning it wears off quickly. Pretty soon I wanted to be that relaxed all the time and I started drinking. Be really careful with that stuff, some people have a very hard time coming off of it. I don't think I would take it again.

When I got sober this time seven years ago I swore off all prescriptions. Been there, not going back. I'd rather deal with the body I was given and learn to work with it with food and exercise and other psychological coping tools.
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Not worth it. imo

Shocking withdrawal from Valium. You will never know anxiety until in benzo withdrawal. Aargh!

I wouldn't do it knowing what I know now.

What you get is not worth the pay.

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I know that even if you are withdrawing from 2 litres of spirits a day a detox would not give you something to help for alcohol withdrawal for more than approximately a week. It sounds like this is little to do with alcohol and more to do with your ongoing anxiety and state of mind, is that right? 2 months seems like a very long time to be on Xanax imo so i'd double check with your doctor as, i thought, that benzos were now being prescribed for short term treatment? If you are worried that your anxiety and state of mind will take you back to drinking then you could try antabuse as it worked a treat for me when i took it for 6 months, it was like a holiday from booze! Great to hear you are going back to AA for support, i would advise looking around at other programs and support too, e.g. counselling, SMART, anxiety groups, social anxiety groups, GAD groups, etc etc.
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I was prescribed xanax when I was in college 30 years ago. Of course I had anxiety, I partied and drank nearly every dang night, But since my sister had OD'd from an accidental prescription drug, I was reticent to take them for years.

When I finally did go back to the Dr in my mid 30's with an agorophobic anxiety disorder (2 bottles of wine a night) I was given a 90 day supply. They sat on my nightstand for years as I managed to "power through" my hangovers while feeling like I was going to die.

I finally started taking them when I was in my 40's because the old gray mare just couldnt power through like she used to. And for a myriad of reasons (kids, mother, work, etc) I got immense relief from them. Re-upped my script every month - but now only for 30 bc apparently they have all caught on as to how addictive they are.

I'm now 51, and am sober from alcohol, but the what I thought was little, script of .5 mg a day is proving to be really challenging to quit. I tried tapering for a few weeks, then recently went cold turkey and I would not advise that.

Always found it so odd that doctors NEVER asked me about my alcohol consumption - guess they never knew the correlation bt alcohol and anxiety ? Or maybe they were getting kick backs and simply didnt care ? NOT ONE, doctor in all my years asked my if I was overdinking.

So my experience is Yes they helped me mitigate those horrifying hangovers, and yes, most likely had I used them short term they would have been a really good help to get me past the booze withdrawals.

But, I abused them and used them as the equivalent of a morning drink, however I really didnt know at the time that I was doing that.

IF you opt for that route, make sure you have no intention of ever drinking again. Slippery slippery slope...
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Originally Posted by shakeel View Post
I did consult with Dr I have been prescribed xanax,
The stuff works, and that is what makes so terribly dangerous. I am terrified of the stuff, having watched an AA friend drop of the deep end with Xanax. Rebound anxiety is a very real problem, and tolerance builds very fast, so it is a perfect trap for addicts.

But I use it, mainly when sleep just won't come. I take .5 mg, eat, sleep and wake up feeling unusually good. I use one dose a day, and never use it two days in a row. I have been taking it for about a year.

So far, no rebound or other unpleasantness.
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I should add that I quit drinking several years ago. Had I had Xanax when I was drinking - yikes! Please never go there.
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I had been on Xanax for several years but my doctor took me off them cause he said studies showed increased risk of dementia in the elderly.
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The unfortunate thing about Xanax is that it has such a short half life that the cravings can come fast and strong! Another type of benzo with a longer half life would likely be less hazardous to you and your cravings. I know this from my doctor and from my own experience. I'm surprised that any doctor would put you on Xanax with all they know about addiction. Just be very careful. Xanax is one that can sneak up on you.
Best of luck!
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