Anxiety is worse beforehand

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Anxiety is worse beforehand

Sorry I havenít been on this blog in weeks. Couldnít get myself organized to find time; I was in a low place. I know this is a mistake; another issue I need to work on. I stayed AF thanks to the grace of God and taking Antabuse. Feeling stronger today. We are planning o go on a camping trip with my niece and her family this weekend. Iím feeling the urges to want to drink. Iíve noticed the anticipating that I Iíll want to d ink and feeling I will miss it is a big problem for me. OnceI decide that Iím not going to drink and plan what I will do instead Iím much better off. Being there and not drinking is easier for me it seems than this stressing beforehand about getting through the event without drinking. I donít know if this make sense to anyone but it has hit me hard. The beforehand is a bigger problem for me than the actual event. God bless us all.
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I understand. Drinking used to be an integral part of camping, hiking, and fishing trips for me. Well honestly I associated it with just about everything. It took awhile before I was comfortable in the great outdoors without alcohol. I've put those urges aside by filling my life with healthier options. When I'm hiking or snowshoeing with my children this weekend I'll be enjoying their company, the beauty of nature, good food, fresh air, and laughter. Drinking and using will be the last thing I think of, except to reflect on how much better my life is without it.
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I think a large part of anxiousness - maybe even all of it? - is anticipation of what *might* happen, rather than of what's happening in the moment.

you've already proved to yourself on a previous trip that when you were actually there, you were fine, so why be anxious about the next trip? I know it's easier said than done, but try to stay in the "now" & don't project all the "what if's?" into the future. make the decision that you aren't going to drink & plan what fun you're going to have on your trip
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HI Wilma, I know exactly what you are talking about. I experience anxiety ahead of things that are out of my comfort zone, travelling, socialising in large groups, for instance, but once I am in the experience, I am fine and am able to enjoy myself.

I don't have any advice but I get it and I feel for you
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