Hi Newbie here wanting advice.

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Hi Newbie here wanting advice.

Hi everyone,

Originally posted this in the Newcomers thread, probably better here as my Anxiety is so high and I am struggling to cope

Been a drinker for 20 years, also suffered panic and anxiety attacks on and off for last 16, basically I was prescribed meds for those, which would work, been on and off the same med until 3 years ago when I suffered extreme intrusive thoughts, so I came off them and started using booze as my medicine!! I then read about withdrawal seizures from alcohol and have basically had around 1 -1.5 bottles of wine each night, my wife thought I was using the withdrawal fear as an excuse (there may be some truth in that) but the only days I didn't drink was when I was poorly (I managed a whole 5 days a few months ago, no withdrawal symptons at all, but still started back on it.).

Around a month ago the panic attacks started again, and my days are basically in a state of panic, until I finish work have a glass of wine then start to feel normalish, however finally decided to go and see a doctor last week, she didn't give me meds but sent me to a drug and alcohol resource centre, and told me to have a liver function test.

Now I am absolutely terrified i will find I have severe liver damage or cancer which has set me to panic overload, I have to go to a group session at the centre tommorrow which I will go through with, then the blood tests on Friday which I am on the verge of cancelling out of fear, I walk about six miles per day, also take vitamin tabs especially for the liver, I eat and am overweight, but all this worry is making my life a misery for me and my family, just wondered if there was anyone out there with similar experiences?

Sorry to witter on like this!!

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Welcome. You sound like so many of us when we are in the grips of alcoholism.

The anxiety is both caused by and relieved by alcohol, and thus the vicious circle continues and continues to get worse.

Quitting drinking will eventually give you some anxiety relief, but not right away. In the short term my anxiety got worse right after I quit. With time it went away completely, but it took a very long time. Not a day or a week, but months.

Just put down the drink (with medical help, it sounds like you are getting) and one day at a time your body and mind is going to heal. Your story is a very common experience. I hope your physical issues come out okay. The liver is pretty resilient. As with all of this, take one step at a time. Get the blood tests, go to the meetings. Do the next right thing.

You can do it.
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Get the tests, find out and go from there.
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Getting professional help and a diagnosis can be a tremendous aid in our recovery. For me it helped to hear someone else tell me that I was an alcoholic. That person happened to be a nurse in a mental hospital that had been in recovery for 5 years.

I'm glad you're here, and I hope you'll take advantage of the many people that can support and help us to achieve and keep our sobriety.
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