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Must get cold up there in Canada during the winters. Any bears around where you live? I ask because I´m organizing a trip either to Alaska or Canada with a guide to watch bears in the wilderness.

Lil your in luck, I'm an environmentalist from way back (knowall the provincial parks) and will send you some info for your trip. There are lots of bears in Ontario little north of me. up north too. Don't have to go to Alaska, or BC, will pull together some links for you. French Canada has some of the best conservation lands in the country. Off top of my Head, Tamogammi, Depends just how outdorrsy you are an how you like you trips, ei resort tourist led or the real experience with portaging, camping, caves, rock climbing waterfalls, awsome fishing, wilderness art resorts hiking or rv'ing, how much your willing to rough it or not . I do believe I live in one of the most beautiful county's in the world, and we have so much to offer. My last nature experience in French Canada Ontario, privetely owned lake and cave tours. Fully equiped log cabin for 12 in the middle of nowhere and stars oh the stars like you've never even known existed. Fish you take in with your hands so high yet half the tail still dragging on the ground.(Couldn't take the hook Out,,don't laugh. we still caught and released.) Ah georgeous, was member of Greenpeace for years too. You would adore Collingwood Canada too. Arts wise. My sister is such an awsome artist, and knows all the art circles, my oldest sister. Still owes me an original artwork, Simply fantastic works. Calle d the secret Hollywood as so many actors and artists hide out up here. Ski slopes, not swiss but still great. You got me thinking.
Last year my neighbour hosted a weekend for Ozzy's exclusive. Some great aboriginal dance, blessing and cokking awesome. We could do the same here. Enough room for 50 comfotably, camping rving wise. Fantastic........I'm babbling. excited overtired an have to work full shift tommorrow 7am. Sat. urgg.

God I feel like a hypocrite as agorophibic as I am right now.
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Vow, Gail!

Sounds great. What I really like is hiking, sleeping in caves and then in a fully equipped cabin in the middle of nowhere. I wonder if your sister knows about the bearlady, the one who lived with bears for 16 years and is now taking people to see them?

Anyway, sounds great from what you say.

Bon courage with your work,
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