diagnosed with glaucoma

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diagnosed with glaucoma

okay so I was diagnosed with elevated eye pressures at 36 am 42 now initially one doctor called it glaucoma but I didnít trust him so I received a second opinion from another glaucoma specialist who said I just had elevated enterocular eye pressure but didn't have glaucoma. I have yearly eye tests and scans done on my eyes and the recent on indicated rential nerve fiber layer thining. my dilated eye exam was normal but doctor said the scan shows thiers has been changed so he agrees it probably is glaucoma. my pressure were also up but still in okay range but higher than ideal. so im have a laser SLT non invasive laser again to lower it keep taking drops as well.
I'm not dealing with this news at all well. I have not told people at the meetings that this has happened. I been obsessing non stop about it and i emailed my doctor questions about medical studies I've been reading. I just can't get it out of head and I feel on edge. I don't currently have a sponsor as he just left town months ago with no warning. I do have some I'm going to ask when I see him next.
I'm still sober 15 and half months. no thoughts of using at all. I don't know how to get this out of my head. my health anxiety is in general is totally out control. the thing this year alone I was diagnosed with an enlarged left ventricular of my heart,and glaucoma. I have lost a lot of weight I have completely changed my diet and now I no longer crave bad foods as much. I am worried if this preoccupation and total and complete obsession continues what imight do.
I'm in bed now because I've made myself sick with worry. also now I' no longer have food to medicat my moods so I have feel my feelings which I hate. I don't trust my
self right now. I also blew up at my dad today.
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Hi David
sorry for the diagnosis and I understand the fear and panic - but there seem to be a wide array of treatments for Glaucoma today - who knows, you might only need eye drops to keep the condition stable?

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My heart goes out to you David. Meditation is known to help with anxiety. Perhaps look into that. Well done with not picking up and keeping your sober time. That takes incredible strength to do.
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No worries, you've caught it early. Keep putting the drops in and get regular checkups. If you maintain it there is nothing to worry about.
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David, it's always scary to get a diagnosis like that. It sounds like you're doing all the right things by getting regular check ups and getting a second opinion. I had the beginnings of glaucoma in both eyes and had the laser surgery done a few years ago. It was painless, fast and I had no recovery time, other than a bit of blurriness for a few hours.
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I also read my chart and it said I had a min defect in paracentral it said pc defect in one eyebut I gather that it mean paracentra. they told me my field of vision was completely normal no vision loss so no I'm freaking out and I can't hear back until freakin Fri until the doctor is in to clarify my concerns. Anyway I'm really obsessed and feel like I'm spiraling and how much longer before I do something stupid. if I don't get an answer by Friday I'm going lose it. I've already called the office 5 times this week with different questions. I can't help it. my head feels like it's going to explode. I did find another sponsor and am meeting with him on Sat.
sorry for ranting. i wish something would help my health anxiety.
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