Bad day

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Bad day

Hi friends—
Boy. I had a really bad day. I woke up emotional and sad. I exercised— usually an instant mood healer—but it was hard in ways it never is. I was achy and sore. I felt a hundred years old.
I was overwhelmed with all the things I have coming up in my life, both professionally and personally, in the next couple months. I had crying episodes I couldn’t stop. My husband asked what happened to make me weepy, but the answer was “Nothing… I woke up this way.”
At one point occurred to me that a shot or two of alcohol would soften all the sharp and painful parts. But… I played the tape forward. I imagined writing here. I reminded myself alcohol will never be an option, and the thought then crossed my mind: “the only way through this is through it. It’s one of those sad days that comes along every now and then. You know what to do: Just feel it and deal with it.”
So I did.
I’m still sad. One of those days, you know? But I made it through and now I’ll sleep sober and wake up tomorrow sober and begin another day—sober.
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I'm glad drinkings no longer an option FMN.
I hope that tomorrow is good for you
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Glad you pushed through and thank you for sharing—even strong recovery has its days. . . Hope you wake up feeling better tomorrow FMN.
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Just so, FMN.
Sometimes the best thing to 'do' about our feelings is... nothing.
Well... accept them. Then let them be, neither rejecting or reacting.

I'm glad you followed your own prime directive and never drank then.

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I'm slowly feeling better.
O, I think in your thread you also mentioned feeling blah.
It's normal, I guess.
When dark days come, I just need to keep doing my best and it really will pass.

Thanks, friends.
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Hope it passes soon FMN

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I hope you're feeling better.
Thank you for the post. It's been helpful for me.
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How's it going today, Finding? I'm so glad you posted about what was going on. I had those days in the beginning, but they gradually disappeared almost entirely.
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I've been decluttering my house and took a huge load of clothes and household stuff (good stuff) to donate. Man, it feels good to tidy up and it's always feels good to give to others.

I'm doing more gardening, reading, and other activities that when drinking, I used to get nothing done. Alcohol seemed to sabotage what I used to enjoy.

Good luck to you! Hang in there.
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