david has ten months

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david has ten months

I feel on top of the world and more at peace than i have in years. Im realxing tonight after a meeting listening to my new speakers ,and watching a film on my movie projector i recently bought. Today If i want sonethingi buy it if i have the money , I dont feel guilty about the things i buy anymore. I have the money because im no longer wasting it on weed and booze.
It feels great to have hope, its gives me chills thinking about all the amazings wonderfull times that are in front of me.
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That's great! Congratulations
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well done David

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Congratulations David!
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Great job on your 10 months and I am happy you are enjoying so many benefits in sobriety
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sober style
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Good work, 100!
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Congratulations David seems you are reaping the benefits of all your hard work, you certainly deserve it.
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Originally Posted by 100 View Post
It feels great to have hope, its gives me chills thinking about all the amazings wonderfull times that are in front of me.
Congrats!!! And thanks for this which is a good reminder to me on my journey.Awesome stuff. :~)

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10 months - how wonderful, David. I'm so glad we're no longer poisoning ourselves.
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That is so awesome! I am very happy for you.
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Congratulations on your sober time!
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Life Goes On
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David is aMAZing!!!
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10 Months is stellar Dave. The extra money surely won't go astray. I quit cigarettes in 2006, alcohol in 2015, and am working on opioids. Each "quit" has fattened the bank account (or allowed me to get more gadgets).

Once I quit opioids I am planning to save up and buy some original signed Queen Records. I am 7/8/9 days down that path now and while wobbly, feel AOK.
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