feeling sick after overeating

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feeling sick after overeating

i went to the movies had chill dogs, french fries,candy,pop corn, and Slushies. Im feeling so sick right now close to geting sick. i keep saying no more but i keep doing it despite what it does to me. I keep trying to control my intake of junk food but when i eat it i lose control. I want to say im done and i want to be done but i know my track record. Over all life is great and i know im going to beat my food addiction it might just tske some time. Im already starting to feel better.
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I'm confident you can beat this the same way you beat booze David

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Hey David - I can highly recommend the book Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen - genuinely, it changed my life.

Recovery is possible and you don't have to live this way - you deserve to be happy, healthy and sober.
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In my experience, I have to treat my diet like my recovery. Mindfulness and one day at a time approach works for me. Practice, not perfection!
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It's odd that I can go to the supermarket and buy a box of four ice-creams for half the price of a single one in the corner shop. I think the ice-cream peddlers know what they are doing. Yesterday, before a meeting I bought a box of four with the intention of eating a couple and saving the rest for later and before I knew it I had eaten three and then I threw the fourth away still engaging in some twisted logic about how much money I had saved. I had not only eaten more that 'necessary', I also had more weight to worry about and I'd fed the future tendencies to indulge.

When a junky food is seen, smelled or thought about, a feeling rises that encounters tendencies to either delight in the feeling, to be averse to it or to ignore it. The trick is to train oneself by giving the appropriate attention to the arisen feeling. The entire structure of reactions to arising feelings is gradually dismantled by choosing to note the feeling has arisen and to not react. A good way to not react is to just see what the breath is doing in just that moment. It brings one into the present moment. That good choice of not indulging, for example, becomes a good tendency that in time will replace the bad tendencies of stuffing ones mouth with junk food. Initially one might feel a bit sad or bereft because underlying the negative behaviour is often something one does not want to know about, like some physical or emotional pain. This is why one also develops the tendency to note and not react to unpleasant feelings as well. Just let go of them instead.
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Originally Posted by sobersophie View Post
Hey David - I can highly recommend the book Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen - genuinely, it changed my life.
She also has a podcast that is available on youtube:
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