I'm eating better and exercising

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I'm eating better and exercising

okay I'm doing better with my diet. I've found a trick for my sweet tooth apples and peanut butter. I'm also committed my self to eat a big salad every day. Since I've improved my eating the last couple of days I don't have the same food cravings. then I went to the movies feeling great and I had a soda and some popcorn. I feel do anxious and shaky after eating this junk. man I'm done with eating junk I don't want it anymore its making me feel sick. it's not that sugars evil or caffeine , but in the large amounts you will pay for consuming it. I think when I eat things that a processed I lose control. If it's home made it doesn't cause the same problems.
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well done David

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That's funny. I recently began eating apples with peanut butter too! I love that combination.
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A healthy body sure paves the way for healthy mind!!
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Fantastic to hear, David. Great job!
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Good job David with improving your food selections! Can never go wrong with eating apples! Salads are good too as long as you’re not using too much dressing! Romaine salad is probably even better! And if you can handle throwing in some veggies in the salad like tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower….that would be really healthy!

Peanut butter is good too in small amounts! I tend to like to snack on peanut butter and honey on a slice of bread with a banana on it! I also eat apples! Yum yum! You’re getting me hungry 😂!
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in a desperate attempt to feel better after i quit drinking i dieted and excercised. eventually eating a nice and clean vegan diet.

you really will feel crappier if you throw in garbage food. It may not be the ONLY reason you feel bad but it sure as heck isnt gonna hurt for ya to just eat better.

I feel way better eating better. and these days i'm kinda run down some and cant help but wonder how much worse it would be if i was eating garbage.
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I hear ya on the sugar and junk food. Makes me feel like crap too. I’m still a work in progress on that though.

Keep up the good work.

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it's funny since I added fruits and vegetables to my diet my craving for junk has been greatly reduced. I've still eat sugar and by no means a perfect diets. it's more like a 1950s level it to bever diet. healthy lunch, big salad meat and a bread , then a dessert later. A all or nothing approach is addicted thinking and an un realistic expectation of perfection. I probably need have a healthier protein source for dinner but I enjoyed it and felt satisfied after.

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voices ca**y
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I have the all/nothing thing going with sugar as well. I do pretty well with the mindfulness thing and asking myself if I want the treat (I just realized calling it a treat is part of the problem) knowing full well it's going to make me feel like hell an hour later. I like the apples and peanut butter idea.
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