David is 6 months sober!

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David is 6 months sober!

I made it I didn't drink and now have 6 month's sober! I'm feeling better today I went to meeting then afterwards I saw a movie with some sober friends from my aa group. Also im doing my first amends on Saturday to a co worker which I'm very nervous about, but I feel great that I'm finally operating in the truth instead of running and hiding. Also a 9 step promise is we straighten out mentally and physically. I'm ready to do anything to get better. Facing up to my wrongs and finally have some backbone will be huge for my social anxiety and fear of Confrontation. If nothing changes nothing changes. In the end I have to do this or I will drink I know it. Also no more skip meetings without a damm good reason.


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I’m glad you’re feeling better
congratulations on six months!

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Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏
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You sound Amazing!

From your 6-month vantage point, it looks like you are ready to do the hard work even if it is scary. Thatís quite the progress, there.

Iím so glad you are starting your verbal amends now. I assume your sponsor will be on call before and after? This can/will be a valuable experience for you; facing up to my shortcomings with people Iíve harmed has been particularly freeing. And too, itís excellent practice for working the 10th step on an ongoing and prompt basis.

Congratulations, man. Youíve worked so hard to get here - I hope youíre proud to have reached this first milestone of many.

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Congrats on 6 months, David.
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6 months - I remember feeling so much better at that point. Congratulations, David - so proud of you.
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Originally Posted by Hevyn View Post
6 months - I remember feeling so much better at that point. Congratulations, David - so proud of you. six months I really started seeing that alcohol-free life was actually doable.

BIG milestone, buddy. Congratulations!

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Amazing work David! Congratulations.
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Fantastic news, David! I know you have really been through a lot but you have been really strong.

Great job!
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Congratulations on 6 months!
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Congratulations, David! A great achievement
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Congrats, David’s what a great accomplishment. Onward!
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