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9 years 2 weeks ago. Just thought about it this evening. No one but me knows, cares or remembers. I guess that means I've been successful.
If you're struggling, hang in there. After some time a sober day will just be, well, a day.
Have a great night!
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congratultions esinger

Not many people outside of SR would remember my sober date either, but honestly the real reward for me is the authentic me and my new life.

I hoep this sober year brings you many more blessings

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Congratulations on your sober time.

I agree, life is different when you can measure your sober time in years.
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Congrats esinger - I care! I sometimes even forget my sobriety date myself but glad you posted as a reminder to all how awesome it can feel.
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Congrats! Well done!
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Congrats to you on 9+2! That's fantastic.
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Wonderful to hear you have over 9 yrs., esinger. Be proud! No one but us realizes what an achievement it is.
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Good to hear from you, I’m a year behind ya and sure I’ll always be , take care
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Congrats on over nine years sober! Nine is a good number.
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Fantastic job! Thanks for sharing.
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