Dedicated sobriety journal?

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Dedicated sobriety journal?

I've been journaling for near 15 years now. Currently I keep pocket notebook for random to-do lists and sketches of projects and shopping lists and the like. My main journal is more intense with day to day happenings, stuff I'm going through, etc. I have already delved into my struggle with liquor and sobriety, but not on a regular basis. I almost wonder if it would be good to commit to keeping a dedicated daily journal just on sobriety stuff? Even if its one or two sentences every day?

Or am I making it to complicated?
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Hi Notch…Not sure if it’s complicated for you or anyone else, but having many years of sobriety and still journaling is something I find amazingly dedicated. 😐 I just started mine a few months ago and don’t really journal each and every day…I’ll make notes here and there on some days and then may not make another entry for a week or two 🙁.

Its nice to look back and read how much things have improved. It also provides encouragement to looking forward to the days when things get even better with each milestone of sobriety…

Hope your journey continues to be prosperous and thanks for your inspiration to this thread 👍🏾
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If it works for you why not? Journaling is always a good thing IMHO.
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I use a Note (Color Note) app on my android Note 9 with separate things I like to keep track of. So one note is a sobriety journal for each year. I track my thoughts, wins and struggles, all drinks taken. etc. So every year I know the quantity I have drank, which is steadily coming down. Last year and year before were around 160 drinks for the year but most months were dry. It is really helpful to me, mostly as a reminder when I re-read them about how badly even a few beers messes me up. So it helps keep me sober now.
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