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Step work

Hi everyone, can anyone suggest a good AA stepwork workbook, preferably with worksheets/assignments? Ty in advance.
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I cannot but i'm glad you are looking for help in this area. You might try the 12-step forum too. Do you have a sponsor? They are generally there to help you on your way through the steps too and might have some ideas.
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When I did mine I googled and found good ones. I just tried and not sure which I used but there are good options- just make sure it as based or approved site.
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Hello mistory5……

I was given my Big Book, Step Book,
the little black 12 and 12 meditation
book and the first 5 step workbook
pamphlet books to get me started
in my new recovery life while in a 28
day rehab stay some 29 yrs ago to
help me learn how to live my life
addiction free for many yrs ahead
of me.

I still live by the tools and knowledge
taught to me back then today to help
be achieve many of lifes wonderful
gifts I'm blessed with and enjoy today.

Here is one website that offers AA materials
if you are interested.....

The website is Hazelden.
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I just checked my email from 2016- it looks like the ones I used were from for the FOURTH step which is where you do everything, to be used in the FIFTH when you share.

I also used the workbook A Woman's Guide to the 12 Steps, with my sponsor. I have always found workbooks helpful in learning, exploring, listing etc but you can "just" use the BB as aasharon said.
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Here are what the books look like that were
given to me upon entry to rehab. Tools and
knowledge of addiction and recovery i took
with me to meetings, step studies, big book
studies, along with a pencil and highlighter
to underline and mark important pages and
make notes to myself to refer back to thru
out my journey in recovery.

You can find all these books on Ebay and Amazon or
even at your local AA Central Office.

These books also come in soft cover, hardcover,
large print, and other languages.

I share these with you because this is what
was taught to me yrs ago. Today, there is so
much knowledge and information available
to all who seek help for addictions of all kind.

Coming here to SR, I have continued to learned
from many who use other helpful effective ways
to achieve better health, happiness and honesty
in their daily lifes.

Never stop learning and doing the footwork
to achieve lifes wonderful gifts and blessings
addiction free.
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Ty all for your suggestions and support. I do have a Sponsor...I'm her 1st sponsee. She is doing better than anyone has helping me with learning the BB...the steps I'm not 2 sure. I would just like to have extra tools. I have loved studying, reading-, testing and always excelled in these areas from grade school to college. But when the booze took over in 2004 brain went haywire. I've been working with her since July 22nd and we don't seem to be getting very far...she's very busy and lives and hour from me. I really think having some reading materials would supplement my recovery process. Its just so many to choose from when you go online to look that I thought it might be good to get some feedback from the SR community to save me from wasting time and money. Ty all again....I have to get this sober thing or I know I'm going to die, go to jail or loose my son. I've already lost most of myself.
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This is what helped me immensely with understanding the steps ,the AA program and approach to sobriety via the 12 steps.

Joe and Charlie on Xa Speakers.

I tried to link the actual page but it's reverted to the front page. Just pop Joe and Charlie into the search bar.

Joe and Charlie Big Book comes alive.
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Have you read the entire big book yet?
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best one I know, and I've tried about 4 or so, is the book "Alcoholics Anonymous." One of the purposes of the book was to explain, precisely, how to recover.
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Joe and Charlie big book step study. You can download this from the play store.

Back to Basics. You can get this from Amazon.
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The whole BB is not something I would have attempted at first, and probably haven't literally read it all by now! Go w the first 164pp for the program of AA. That's the most essential piece.
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