50 days

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50 days

50 days sober and its really been 50 days playing catch up. I realized that being a drunk is like putting your life in neutral or park, at least it was for me. I literally could have woken up in January 2019 and besides a few very small differences it could have still been 2015 and I wouldn't have even noticed.

I didn't grow or progress at all in that time period, things just melted away due to drinking all the time and going on multi-day benders.

Boredom as always in early sobriety is a big problem and I have been using "catch-up" as my something to do.
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Congratulations on fifty days, that's great.
I was stuck in suspended animation while drinking, too. For a long time. It's difficult for personal growth or maturing while wasted every day like I was so I know what you mean.
Many more sober days to you, my friend.
Oh, and I hope you don't get too bored. Even if I am bored, it sure beats being drunk and pretending I'm not bored, just drunk
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SIB = Sober Is Better

Just want to say that I like your user name. Very clever! Hope to see a 100 day success report 50 days from now.
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Great job on 50 days! Keep going.
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It's always better to get the car running that to just sit there if you want to get to where you're going.
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God job, some people I know canít even get one day. Keep it up
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Well done on 50 days! Iím on 28 and have found this journey tough (but enlightening!), let alone 50! I get twitchy and bored, just try to keep busy and productive! Keep it up and keep posting!

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Congratulations on 50 days, now keep your streak going.
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This is not the best it gets SIB, You will catch up and you will start to make some ground. Things get better. Keep going

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