Birthdays without alcohol

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Birthdays without alcohol

5th one today. I wouldn't have it any other way. I used to get wasted on this day. About the only time people actually bought my drinks. What a waste of time and my life. Never again folks, Never! I'm so happy to be here and alive. To this day I'm still dumbfounded by the miracle. All I can do is be grateful and helpful. Sobriety is a celebration unto itself and it's to be enjoyed every day. It's a gift folks. Don't ever take it for granted. Ever.
Good day all.
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Happy Birthday Wayne

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Happy birthday! Today is my third sober one- best kind of birthday, and any day!
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Happy Sober Birthday!
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Happy birthday have a great day. Congrats on your 5th sober Bday too.
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Originally Posted by August252015 View Post
Happy birthday! Today is my third sober one- best kind of birthday, and any day!
Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday fellow Leo's! I just turned 40 myself and it was so great to wake up just 40 and not 40 and also hung right over.
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..I hope you have a great day and a super year ahead.
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Happy Birthday!

Love your advice.

I can relate to how great you feel compared to being in the depths of addiction.

I find myself obsessing sometimes still, but nothing like when I was an active drunk.

That was hell on earth.

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Happy birthday Wayne and August!
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Happy Birthday to you both!
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! You're AWESOME!
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This year will be my first year in years I'll be experiencing my birthday, Christmas and New Year, sober.

Out of the three, I think New Year will be the hardest cos I associate that with getting blotto. Christmas, the pubs and shops around here will be shut, apart from the small convenience stores, so alcohol is easier to avoid and my birthday will just have to involve keeping myself busy. I might go somewhere that night.

Where I live, there is a lovely little island called Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island, it's nice, quiet, peaceful, picturesque and there is bugger all there! Perfect for R+R.
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