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On Friday I slipped after 139 days sober. That said it has in a way been a bittersweet experience, I went out and made the conscious choice to buy some beer (I have been going through a lot of life changes, and I let the AV slip into my head). That said, waking up Saturday I said "So that's what I felt I was missing in my life, not as 'good' as I remember it being." Not to mention the hangover.

I have no desire to drink ever again, and to bolster my defenses I will give AA meetings a real chance, and actually commit to changing more routines in my life, which if I'm honest I haven't really done, I was more "White knuckling" my recovery. I will actually attend mindfulness meetings I have been planning to go to ever since I quit again December 8th, 2017. Also yoga as well as continuing my gym sessions. I am counting the slip, so holding me responsible but I am going to consider this a void in my recovery and keep going as if I was still 5 months healed because I know that time is still not wasted. (a bit confusing I know)

I will check in here often too, as similar to my slip last February, that went on till December I kind of distanced myself from SR, I need some accountability.

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So glad you have a plan to protect your sobriety. I couldn't stop on my own and without the fellowship of AA wouldn't have gotten -- or stayed -- sober. It's a simple plan for complicated people. You can do it: just don't drink one day at a time. Big hug!
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Welcome back Ekohe - sounds like you've got some very good specific plans to work on your sobriety and life in general. White knucking is rarely successful - glad you picked up on that and have a more structured path ahead of you. SR is always here too along the way don't forget!
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Welcome back, Ekohe. Sorry to hear that you slipped but Well Done on 139 days.

Sounds like you have formulated a good plan moving forward.

Hope that you keep us as a part of your plan

Stay close. We care.
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Hi Ekohe, sorry to hear of your slip. Whatís good is that you want to get straight back to staying sober. I can relate to your post. I had a similar amount of sober time last year. Distanced myself from SR, convinced myself Iím ďnot like themĒ.
Back on day 2 after months of one day binges here and there. Good luck letís make this the last time.
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Good to get right back on track instead of oh well I already messed up! I did that at 5 months last sober streak- and drank for another 2 years of hell. Good on ya!
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How is it going?
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