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Sick n tired
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Iím in my first social event for years I hardly know the other ladies itís a baby shower and they are all drinking and know each other. The host is my friend. Just feel like a fish out of water and pity pot a bit although Iím not gona drink feel ****
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You could leave politely. There is no reason to make yourself uncomfortable, especially if you don't know them anyway.
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I don't particularly like parties, either.

Also. . .who serves alcohol at a baby shower? I must be old.

I agree with Scott - if it gets to be too much, just look at your phone and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I have to go."

No explanation necessary.

You're doing great!
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Sick n tired
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Thanks I managed a couple of hours then decided that I felt too uncomfortable so says my goodbyes and left. Got through that didnít really want to drink but just a feeling of that reminder that Iím an alcoholic whoís on a programme and they seem so normal confident n in control of their lifeís . Just low self esteem I suppose but thanks for being there let me vent x
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I was lamenting to my mom yesterday that literally all female gatherings now involve getting drunk on wine. It's quite disappointing, I avoid a lot and I am keeping an eye out for some sober friends.

I feel for you. Enjoy some cake and then get the heck out of dodge!
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I'm glad you left Hedd
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I am with Sass, whats up with all the wine at everything.

Of yeah, that is because so many are women are using it as a coping mechanism, until it becomes the opposite any way.

I think you did great.

I would only say that its safe to assume that amongst all those wine drinkers, at least a few probably have issues too.

They just haven't been as brave as you yet!
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