Just admitted the truth.

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Just admitted the truth.

I finally admitted to my husband that I have a problem. Iíve been drinking nearly every night for over a year. There have been weeks where I take several days off, though. Started out with a few glasses during the weeknights and over a bottle on each of the weekend nights. I havenít ever drank in the morning or afternoons. We have had some difficulty in our marriage and also struggled for two years with infertility. There has been a lot of stress in the last year so wine became my daily friend. For a while now, Iíve consumed about 6-8 glasses every night. And more on weekends. Iíve been hiding it from my husband although he has caught me on several occasions. Needless to say that doesnít help anything. Iím ready to say goodbye alcohol and hello good life. Iím afraid of withdrawals. I donít think Iím too far out there that I would have anything serious but still afraid. Iíve read cold turkey is a bad thing but also read plenty of people kick the habit and all they have is a little anxiety and stuff. What has been your experience with a situation similar to mine? Any suggestions?
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Here's some good info on detox:

When I quit I had some symptoms. I didn't know about cold turkey being dangerous, so I had weaned down. When I quit it was really uncomfortable for a while.

Call a doctor if you have any worries - that link I posted has a lot of good info.
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Thanks. The fact that I go several days at a time without anything I think I will be okay. Just worried about seizures since they are so wildly talked about.
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Welcome to SR kim. Seizures are certainly not the "norm" with withdrawals, but they are possible so that's why you hear talk of them. If you are concerned, seeing a doctor is never a bad idea even if for nothing more than to get a checkup. I'm glad you've come here and your decision to quit is a very good one - you will not regret it. You will also find a lot of support and understanding here, most of us did many of the same things you have when we were drinking.
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Thanks for the encouragement. Itís going to be a hard road but Iím really ready. Always did love a good challenge.
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You can do this Kim. Just take it one day at a time. Lots of inspiration and tools here. Find what works and stick with it.
Just don't drink again.
Hi, I'm Wayne. Welcome to SR.
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congratulations, kim, on telling hubby, showing up here, asking or help and making the decision to go for a sober life.
getting engaged with sobriety stuff in various ways on a daily basis was my number one "tool", and seems helpful to a lot of people.
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how are you doing today, kim?
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Welcome Kim

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Hi and welcome.

Your drinking habits sound exactly like how mine started out. It was only a bottle on the weekends, then in turned into drinking during the week and now it's turned into every day.
Also I only ever drank in the evenings or night but that also changed. It's a slow process so it's hard to notice the changes.

Sometimes I think (How can people go even one day fully sober?)

The reason I'm drinking everyday is for an escape. Starting as early as I can then literally falling asleep from over intoxication. It makes the days fly by but my life's quality has seriously deteriorated.

I don't have as much money, I'm not interacting with people, daily chores seem so difficult to do. It's like my main focus is when will I get my next fix.

I hope you can kick the habit now before it gets really bad, because it will.

I'm on my second day sober. My experience from the past is I get highly agitated, bored and just downright cranky. However there's nothing better than knowing I can wake up with no regrets and can actually remember things.

Good luck, I hope you can kick it while it's still early yet. x
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We're delighted you're here with us, Kim, and we wish you well detoxing.

I got detoxed and treated professionally, so I am not really familiar with self-detoxing.

Please keep us posted as to your progress.

We will always be here for you.
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Withdrawing from alcohol is not too hard, hell, I did it about 5,000 times.

But once you successfully withdraw, how are you going to insure that you don't start up again?

That was my problem. I could stay sober for a period of time, and then the farther I got away from my last hangover, the more confident I became that I could drink like a normal person.

Successfully staying sober long term, requires a lot more than just not drinking.
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