Lost Job

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The Long and Winding Road....
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Lost Job

I knew this was coming down the pipe.

I had a bad case of glandular fever late last year, say November.

It attacked my liver, threw my scores all over the place.

of course gallons of whisky and beer really helped also.........not.

Anyways came to a head last Friday, at least I was honest with my former manager who said she would give a reference when I have been sober for a good period of time.

it was quite stressful at the best of times, in solid sobriety could handle it have dome similar in the past however when drinking I am a real liability.

At least I get to give my recovery the attention it needs, financial issues not with standing.

Kinda relieved and worried at the same time.

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I'm sorry you lost your job vandermast but I hope this will lead to something better

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ive lost my job too 2 weeks ago, but i found another one.
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Sorry to hear that. I hope you take some time to get sober and help yourself, before you take that reference to get a new job.
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Sorry to hear you lost your job.

I quit my job a month ago but made sure I had another one lined up before I quit.

But losing my job is always at the top of my fear list. And you can still lose your job even when sober and working a program.
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I got fired from my job the week after I joined AA. The complaints were already in the pipeline and I was sent packing.

I had a second job in place so I could still pay the rent/put food on the table.
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Whatever you do don't drink. Things will turn around if you stay sober.
Hang in there man. It will get better.
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I lost my while 10 + months sober. These things happen and they are opportunities to grow, change and build on ourselves.

On day at a time. Stay sober. Move forward.

Onward and Upward!
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Congratulations on not drinking Vandermast, I hope you find another job soon.
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So sorry to hear what you are going through.
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Sending you support V
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The Long and Winding Road....
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thanks you guys

ive lost a few jobs over the years from drinking....It usually eventuates that my drinking interferes with my work, I turn up drunk, or I rack up absenteeism due to horrific hangovers and shakes.

its a horrible way to live.......and a sure fire way to die.

my commitment to my recovery in light of all of this is absolute and unwavering.

I'm 40 years old and getting too old for this **** I can tell you.

moving forward one day at a time.

van the dole man.
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Good attitude. Sobriety first. The rest will follow. Stay focused. Just don't drink.
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