54 months today

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54 months today

AS the title says. Not much to add this time. Not missing drinking at all. Working hard on not getting complacent. I honestly though, resent my previous lifestyle so much that I fear alcohol to the point that I don't ever want to taste it again. Stay the course.
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Congrats on 4.5 years!! Great accomplishment
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Congrats on 54 months sober! You are an inspiration.
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Congrats tnman

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Congrats on 54 months! Youíre probably getting where it takes some effort to remember how lucky long itís been. Which is a good thing! 😀
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Trying to Enjoy Life Now
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Congrats tnman!!! Any tips on success you want to share with the rest of us?

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Tnman1967, 54 months is so FANTASTIC, congratulations, rootin for ya.
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That is brilliant!
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Positive success stories like these keep me rolling along, great job Tnman1967.
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Great work, Mr. 1967.
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Originally Posted by otter View Post
Congrats tnman!!! Any tips on success you want to share with the rest of us?

Yes, the single most important item for success is to really want to quit. Not quitting because someone or the law tells you to. You have to make a complete mental inventory and ask yourself if you really want to give drinking up. For me the answer was yes, after 30 plus years of misery and problems. I quit numerous times over the years but every time I did it, I knew deep down inside I wasn't honest with myself. You will still get cravings for a while even when you have decided to quit. The physical dependency is real, but the mental addiction is worse in my opinion. You also have to find other things to occupy yourself with in sobriety. The amount of time we spent drunk need to be filled with some meaningful for you.
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I was going to ask how you did it. But you just did.

BTW, great quote, Dee.
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