Two years of sobriety

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Two years of sobriety

Today I mark two years of sobriety.

I look at quitting alcohol as something critical I had to achieve in this life. It has allowed me to move along a path of rebirth and discovery. Drinking was a blocker to a deeply fulfilling life of meaning and purpose.

Some of the deeper, more meaningful things I believe, having quit:

1. Alcohol is a poison to our body. It has no place in our physical body. You lose nothing and gain so much by giving up drink. Even people who are "normal drinkers" do not realise the damage they do to their body when they imbibe alcohol. Brain cells, major organs, our central nervous system and endocrine system and really every part of our body is hurt by alcohol.

2. Alcohol is a mind-numbing substance that prevents us from living as fully awakened, fully realised human beings. Whatever you were put on this planet to do, you were NOT put here to blunt your mental faculties with alcohol. Your mind is an awesome, powerful thing. Take control back of it from alcohol. Do whatever you need to do to to put down the drink and heal your mind from the effects of alcohol.

3. Without alcohol, life and all its beauty (and challenges) can finally be faced head on. There are lessons to be learned in life. They cannot be learned while you are impacted by alcohol. There are gifts to be received in life. They cannot be appreciated and fully valued while you are affected by alcohol.

Peace and the best of the season to you all. Love yourself and your family and friends and extend compassion to all.
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Congratulations, Missperfumado.

Well done on two years.

Thank for this lovely and inspirational post.
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Congratulations and thanks for a very true and inspiring post.
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Congrats on 2 years!
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Congrats on two years sober and thanks for sharing your insights.
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MissP, congratulations! Nice to hear from you. Blessings to you on your journey to wholeness.
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congrats MissP

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Wow. That was such an incredible post. That post avoided fear, triviality and pedagogy, it just led from the heart. Why do we really need to quit drinking? You laid that out beautifully.
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Well said! Congrats on 2 years alcohol free. It's truly a blessing!
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way to go, MP!
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a great thing about that is ya never have to do them first 2 years ever again.
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Congratulations on your two years, MissPerfumado. Such a beautiful and inspiring, celebratory post.
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Congrats! 2 years is HUGE!!
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you are so right.

and we are so proud, OF YOU.
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WHOOOOOP WHOOOOOOP Many congrats!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!
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Congratulations MissP, and thanks for sharing your thoughts over those 2 years. Well done!
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Congrats, Miss P, for such a wonderful accomplishment.

I really like your observations about alcohol and about sobriety.
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Congratulations on the two years. Iím two years 2 months sober and still struggling with the PAWS; I thought I would be through it by now.
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