Starting Over

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Starting Over

Within the last few hours I have made the conscious decision to stop drinking. Technically this is day 3 for me. Last drink was Saturday. Last horrible, ashamed of myself and can't believe I did that binge was almost 2 weeks ago. I ended up saying some not so flattering things about my wife to my friends wife. Luckily she is a very light hearted person and didn't think much of it. I was horrified when I heard about it. But, its my motivation. I'm done being that guy, done worrying how much of a fool I made of myself in front of colleagues, done worrying about who I may have hurt. It's just not worth it. With the holidays fast approaching I know its going to be hard, but I have to do this.
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I quit largely because of humiliation as well and the realization that the only way to truly conduct myself as myself, and not as a crazed woman hijacked by alcohol, was to completely avoid all drinking no matter what.

It’s been awesome to conduct myself with peace and dignity, all social interactions remembered, other people treated with grace and respect.

You won’t regret a single moment, even if some of them are hard, because you’ll get yourself back. The real you.
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Welcome to SR bingeforfun. I think most of us have done things we regret when drinking, glad you've decided to make a change. You will find a lot of support and understanding here.
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Never having to wake up and think 'Oh god, what did I do?' is one of the many huge benefits to staying sober. I know the holidays can be a big trigger for some but just say to yourself 'I do not drink' and make it a concrete truth.

I wish you lots of luck
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I hear ya, Saturday was my last binge also and I said awful things in front of family and possibly worse. (no memories at all) Never again.
Good luck for your recovery.
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