The sitcom "mom".

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The sitcom "mom".

This show recently showed up on my cable. I only have very basic cable and 20 channels, so I watched it just for fun.

Has anyone else seen this show? I guess it was just renewed for a new season, but I found myself somewhat confused. The mother has a severe pain pill addiction, and the daughter is also an addict.

They are in recovery, but laugh about the daughters painful childhood watching her mom blackout, vomit, and basically ruin her life growing up. There is a laugh track, and the audience laughs at these moments they re-hash together.

This episode was about mom throwing out her back. They laughed as she was given strong pain pills and tried to act like she could control her addiction. I will admit, the pill bottle became animated and spoke to her and this was interesting but was ruined by the laughter of the audience.

The mom ended up over-using the pills and lying to the doctor and her daughter to get more. I guess I would find this show helpful if they didn't laugh right at the seriousness of addiction, lying to get substances, and it would have a great message if every real point they made wasnt followed by a loud laugh track.

Has anyone else seen this show? It was very triggering and made me sad. Just my thoughts.
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I haven't seen it, Bbe, but I'm with you. It sounds more like a nightmare and a tragedy than a comedy with a laugh track.
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Someone was talking about this show at an AA meeting I was at last week.

Nothing funny about addiction.
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I watch it. I thought it was lame at first, but it has grown on me.
I really like the two actors, Alison Janney and Anna Faris, who play the mom and daughter, respectively.
The back episode to which you refer, bbe, was about Mom becoming addicted to prescription pain pills.
Subsequent episodes were her overcoming the addiction, but feeling that it really wasn’t her fault because they were legitimately prescribed for her.
I think the story arc closed with her recognizing that an addict is an addict, and that she is an addict.
I understand what you are saying about the program. Addiction and dysfunction played for laughs isnt funny.
But I think the show is more about recovery than addiction.
They are two women who have horrendous pasts, and lots of baggage with each other, but continue to strive to make their relationship whole and pursue a life of recovery and to be of service to others who are struggling
Recent episodes are about Christie, the daughter, trying to sponsor a tough sponsee.
So...that’s my take on it.
I could do without the laugh track, though.
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Also, some of it is sloppy. The writers don’t really get the AA stuff right, and it is sometimes facile and a bit too glib.
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I've only seen one episode where the daughter was seeing a guy that was a heavy drinker. She told him it bothered her as she was in recovery from alcoholism.
He continued to drink so she broke up with him so I like it so far, but we shall see.
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The show I think it meant for entertainment and isn't supposed to document what addiction is like. It just so happens that the people in the story have dealt with addiction to drugs and alcohol. I haven't watched the show from the beginning but I did see the episode where Bonnie is prescribed painkillers for her back and she relapses again. I will say that they did capture some stuff right.

For instance, the daughter talks about the temptations of the pills and how it's hard for her because she has been sober but now they are in the house. And there was one part where she tells her mother that if she chooses to keep using she will not be allowed to see her grandchildren again or her. In real life this can happen, people can shut you off because they don't want to be around someone who is using.

But all in all if you are seeking something to help with addiction this is more meant to be a comedy, not a resource for people who are struggling.
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Yah, classic sitcom type stuff.
And like many sitcoms, it gets some stuff right and can be very funny, or miss entirely.
I don’t watch many because they are just so tired, like Man With a Plan and Kevin Can Wait.
But I like The Big Bang Theory, and Im sure that if I were a physicist, I’d be saying all things theyget wrong on that show.
And Mom.
I also like Life in Pieces.
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i've never seen this show i guess it depends the context of the laughter. I got a twisted sense of humor so i can laugh at just about anything even my old antics. But I can also see the seriousness of it now and realize it was a bit insane and well sad how sick i was.

Humor is like this i guess tho. One person sees something funny anothe person is offended. I'm the king of telling the joke i probably shouldnt have and offending someone in the room *sigh*.
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I would be triggered, too. I can't believe there is a tv show like this.

I agree with Doug, there is absolutely nothing funny about addiction.
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I think people are interpreting this show the wrong way. It's not meant to poke fun at a addiction. It's a comedy, but it just so happens the people in the show have dealt with drug and alcohol addiction.

Obviously if you've dealt with addiction you might look at it differently than someone else. But if it is a trigger for you, maybe don't watch it? There's more to the plot then drugs and alcohol.
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Well, I think we can agree that it is not to everyone’s taste.
I would like to point out that a recent episode has Christie, the daughter, feeling guilty and sad because she felt-she hadn’t been a responsible enough sponsor and a young woman she liked a lot overdosed and died.
This was not played for laughs. It was dealt with in a humane and serious way.
I happen to like the series, as I said earlier, but totally understand others’ feelings about it.
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