27 Times

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27 Times

Yes...... 27 times in 5 years I've been in A and E due to alcohol I couldn't believe it when the doctor told me! Absolute disgrace! I really don't want there to be a 28th.

I've been sober for a week so far, my roommate had some friends round tonight, there was lots of alcohol, I was asked to join but explained I wasn't drinking and went up to my room and cried. My drinking is mostly due to anxiety issues which I am trying to address. I'm glad I didn't drink tonight but the temptation was so strong.

I have been offered treatment many times, this time I AM going to accept help and get myself better. I'm due to start a new job this week, and things have the chance to go so well but I'm scared I will drink at some point and ruin everything

Sorry this post is very badly worded but just saying what's on my mind, I will tell more of my story in time but for now I'd just love some help and advice guys.

*Just reading my previous posts (from 2/3 years agp) and the same vicious cycle appears to have just kept repeating and repeating itself
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A week is wonderful, and I'm glad you're going to get help this time.

(what is "A and E"?)
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Thank-you columbus. It's the UK equivalent (Accident and Emergency) as ER.
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A week is good as is seeing the 27 , like you sadly I fall off wagon..
Well done on a week that’s great ..
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You're doing good. I have anxiety issues, too. I take medication for it.
There doesn't have to be a 28th. time.
You've got some great things going on. Be proud of yourself! And remember, you never have to drink again.
Best to you with sobriety and the new job.
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You showed a lot of strength not joining in with all your friends coming by with alcohol. You’ve done well to be off it a week, congrats on your week.

Your A and E trips are a message to you. The message is that past the first sip, you are no longer in control. The alcohol controls you. It’s ok to cry out of frustration, sadness or anger: it’s perfectly normal to cry right now. It’s not ok t drink. You know this deep inside and that’s why you abstained. I hope you find some sober friends.
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