I did it! But I have a question.

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I did it! But I have a question.

I made it to 1 week sober, I know it's a small amount Of time but it felt like the longest week of my life. I went to the dr Monday and told her about my concerns. All she ordered was a ultrasound not blood work. She said because I got blood work done in April I don't need it. Will a ultrasound be adaquite in checking my liver and gallbladder? I need to ease some of this medical anxiety I'm feeling. Also I'm going on a cruise for 4 days, I leave tomorrow. This will definitely be a test for my sobriety since all of my family are going and they love to drink. Any advice on how to get through this?
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If you have access to SR while on your cruise, use it often for support. If you feel that urge, log on and share what your feeling. Enjoy your cruise.
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If your doctor doesn't think it's likely you did much damage in six months, I'd respect that. On the other hand if you're anxiety over it is too much, I'd insist on blood work.

I might consider asking for a prescription for antabuse to take on the cruise. A stop gap in early sobriety to take the option of drinking off the table.

Just opinions...

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Also, well done on a week!
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Hey! Congratulations on your first week!!! I'm just at 4 days, so you're a few days ahead of me.

It's going to be hard to be in that environment where everyone is drinking and you're not. My husband attends a certain college's football game religiously. Booze is just part of the atmosphere. When you're not drinking, you may feel like you're "missing out on something", but just remember that you won't be! You'll be the one that comes home and actually remembers their vacation!

I've never been on a cruise, but I bet they'll have internet, so just keep checking in on here for support if you need to.

Have a good time, and keep up the GREAT work!!!
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Congrats on the week sober SickInLove. I'd agree that you need to trust your doctor on this - if they have recently done bloodwork and don't see a need to do it again that sounds reasonable. An ultrasound is a pretty comprehensive scan and I would think it would tell a lot more about what's inside you than bloodwork anyway?
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I'm not in AA, but I have seen notices on the cruise ships for AA meetings. Might be a way out if you feel the need. Check to information/concierge desk and they have announcements up.
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