5 Days today

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5 Days today

Today is the fifth day I'm sober, like so many times in the past. But it sounds so small, really, when I read about the people posting threads on SR, who have been sober for years.
Here is something that might make me sound even more pathetic than I actually sometimes feel: I started a course of antibiotics today (for a unrelated problem), and one of the three kind of pills I take, is supposed to have the same effect as ant-abuse. The box actually has a red sticker on it that says - "NO ALCOHOL!!". What a stroke of luck, I thought, after Googling it. Now I absolutely can't drink for the next 7 days as well... Not that I feel like it now, but I know the urge is coming; when I will least expect it. I'm actually glad that I'm sick; now isn't that pathetic, I ask you?
I also spoke to my estranged wife today on the phone. We've been separated on and of during the last year - this time for three months, and she said it's for good this time around. But... for the first time in a long time, she didn't laugh when I said I'll be around to see her in December (she now lives a thousand miles away, with our daughter).. Believing, Hope and Love. I think that is three cornerstones that motivates a whole lot of us on the rocky road of recovery. I know it is for me.
Have a great week, all of you.
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5 days is fantastic corriec, congratulations! Sober time can reap you a lot of benefits, I wish you the best and hope you can stick around with us on your journey.
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If you know the urge is coming sometime, now's a great time to make a plan for that corriec (What exactly is a recovery plan?)

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those of us that have 3,5,10,15,20 years know that that time is a long time.
but 5 days is an eternity.
Hold On. Pain Ends.
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Corriec - 5 days is fabulous. Those are some of the hardest days, and you've made it through them. Your new life is beginning - be proud of yourself.
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corriec, I don't think you're pathetic at all. I think whatever you find helpful as a lifeline to keep you sober for another hour or day or week is great! What else have you got? Dee is right that planning and action now is the best defense against relapse later.

You currently have more sober days in a row than I do. Let's keep it that way and I'll be right on your heels.
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Much easier with Friends

Again - thank you each and every friend - albeit "online". Your support is fantastic.
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