Question About Alcohol and Dizzy Spells

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Question About Alcohol and Dizzy Spells

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences with BPPV and Alcohol. I'm 34yo male. 210lbs and active. Finally getting my sober life going.

I have had 4 dizzy spells in my life:

Lasted Roughly 20-30 mins each time

1- December 2015: 4 day binge and happened during running (took no meds)

No episodes until:
7/5/2017: got drunk 8 out of 9 days and woke up dizzy. Went to ER but was not dizzy when I got there. Took meds when I wasn't dizzy.

Quit drinking 7/6

7/9- high anxiety and stress from work, my house was full of people and was my grandpas funeral weekend. (I took the pills after it stopped because my wife had to go to the pharmacy to get them)

8/17- ran 14 miles in 2 days, went to urgent care because I was having anxiety about my arm. Then I bought beer (threw it away though). I did take the meds this time.

Not room spinning but a drunk type feeling and need to sit down. I can't focus on anyhthing bc it seems like it's moving.

One doctor told me it was the BPPV, one doctor told me it wasn't and my therapist told me it doesn't seem like vertigo. The doctor today suctioned a ton of ear wax out of my left ear (sorry to be gross) and told me to stay hydrated.

Now I'm just like WTH! Today is my 58th sober.
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based on everything your saying it sounds famlier. I had lots of dizzy issues. idealy your doctor is the best choice to find advice.

in my case after tons and tons of trial and error and reading I started eating more carbs. and I have no issue eating fruit for snacks and such to keep my blood sugar up. IN my case I believe my blood sugar was dropping and i needed to eat.

I also run and another issue i had at one point was I was eating a low carb diet and running. I had dizzy spells like crazy. my doctor flat out told me i was bruing out my sugar with the running and i needed to eat more sugar.

But I have also had dizzness that goes along with panic. or sometimes dizzy spells that then trigger panic. those are a different ballgame.
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