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Hello everyone, never thought Fridays sobriety would be so hard. Very tempted to drink. It's my fifth day sober and I would be in my shop drinking right now if I had not thrown out the booze yesterday. I was feeling positive about the weekend until I got home and wife started with drama about our recovering addict son. We lost our daughter two years ago to a heroin addiction. But I am resolved I'm determined to not drink. I am going to keep sitting here playing video games with my grandson. Thank God I threw out the booze.
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I find that my Friday meeting is always a good idea - by the time I get back I feel like I've had a good social evening out and about, and it's almost time to turn in. Friday used to be my main big-drunk night.

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Fridays are rough in the early days, but eventually it eases up. Keeping busy & distracted - like you're doing - is smart. You're going to feel so good when you wake up tomorrow with no hangover - knowing you made it over this hurdle.

I'm very sorry for the loss of your daughter, Joeshope. Prayers for your son to get free.
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Thanks, Friday evening almost over haven't been sober on Friday in a long time. It's funny how I never regret not drinking when I wake up in the morning. I've got a long way too go. One day, one minute at a time.
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Thank Joeshope for throwing out the booze. You did it, perhaps with the help of an Other greater than you, but still let's celebrate you!

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Originally Posted by Joeshope54 View Post
I am going to keep sitting here playing video games with my grandson.
Goodatcha Joeshope54!!! That is a win for you and for your grandson! We can't change the past, but we sure can work on improving our future. How great is to be creating memories for your grandson of fun times with grandpa!
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