Made it through Harvey!

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Made it through Harvey!

I think this was my biggest test. We decided to move to Houston and finally closed on our home and moved in 3 weeks ago. Yep, here comes Harvey! By the Grace of God we stayed dry. My drinking triggers have included sabotaging (drinking) when good things happen to me. Of course, I was a drinker with bad things and anxiety as well. This was a terrible and great thing all wrapped up into one. So sad for others who lost so much or lost everything, lives lost, and I am still struggling with the fear and anxiety that we went through wondering the whole time if we would take on water or worse. And now yesterday, Hurricane Irma has reared her head, a Category 3 already and headed in this direction, way to early to know for sure, should know its direction a little better by early next week. Praying hard for us and others that she turns north east and burns out over open waters. Serenity Prayer Time!

I just can't imagine what I would be like right now if I was drinking. The tools I have learned helped so much.

I know I am never out of the woods, but not drinking (as of today) is a confidence booster that I might be able to continue to say that I was sober for just one more day.

If you were affected by Harvey please comment here how you are doing, did you stay sober, are you okay?
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Glad you're okay, Who.
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Glad to hear that you are safe and sober Whodathunk. Natural disasters are certainly a difficult time but think how much more prepared you are to deal with it without drinking.
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What a way to start in a new city! Glad you're okay.
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Welcome to Houston, we are glad to have you. Great job staying sober through the stress. I was unaffected as well, and I feel incredibly blessed.
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sober style
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We lucked out here in San Antonio, it didn't quite make it over this far. But I sure feel for all you folks in and around Houston.
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I feel horrible for what you folks are enduring in Houston...I know those of us in New York have been thinking about you and praying for you, also Intergroup sent word out that a lot of meetings lost everything so we are collecting up literature, big books, 12 and 12s and of course supplies to send down to you. Hang in there and take care.
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I'm glad you're ok Whoda

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