Time to recover

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Time to recover

I spent some hours today researching how long it can take the body to truly recover after a decade of hard drinking. Shocking, really. I felt "better" a week after quitting (clear head, self pride, clearer skin, no headaches or bladder issues)-- but it has been much slower to feel better where anxiety and depression are concerned. Since I am not numbing myself every single night, I have realized my poor body and mindneed a lot of time and restoration.

It is comforting, in some odd way, to learn how much time it might take to really recover, physically and emotionally, and give myself the permission to actually TAKE that time.
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Yes, we've beaten ourselves up rather badly & need time to heal. Be patient & kind to yourself. You're doing great.
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I am over 10 months sober after 27 years of drinking everyday.

The positive changes in my mind, body and soul are incredible. For decades I felt awful - sick, dehydrated and miserable.

How I functioned all those years is beyond me. It all seems like a bad dream.
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For me it was about a month for every year I drank. After my 3rd year of sobriety I figured I was in good health. Seriously, 36 months to heal. I enjoyed every minute of it. Still do.
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Each person's recovery lasts differently. My recovery period lasted about 11 months.
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These responses are so validating. THANK YOU to everyone who responded so honestly.

I have no desire to drink again-- even with this cloud of depression and melancholy, it's a hundred times better than the days I spent drinking, drunk, and trying to remember drinking and being drunk--but it helps to know I may feel better in some months' time.

Dare I even hope that, with time, I'll feel a bit like my old self? Before spiraling into the alcoholism, I was a genuinely positive person. Drinking made me feel even happier... until it really, really didn't. And my vodka happy was a giddy, frantic "happiness," not genuine or deep.

That's what I want again, even if it takes a lot of time.
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