2nd DUI

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This is not going to be easy. Hang in there man. It will all work out. Always does.
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Depends on what sorts of jobs you're applying for. I know from experience (not me) that two DUIs is a red flag for jobs with many big companies having HR departments, legal departments, etc. The hiring manager may never see your application where you have to list offenses like DUIs, and if you make it past interviews and the manager moves to hire you, he/she may simply be told that you're a no-go, and may not even be told why. One DUI is common enough that it probably won't be a factor, but two or more looks like a major problem and potential liability, just the way it is.

So, if you do list them and those offenses make you unhireable, you won't be hired. If you don't list them and they find the offenses anyways in a background check, you won't be hired. If you do list them and they don't care, or are willing to consider you after talking to you about them, then you might be hired. If you don't list them and they don't find the offenses in a background check, you might be hired.

Comes down to, what makes you feel better, really. If you do lie and get away with it (like, they don't do a background check, or they do but don't find the DUIs), you'll have that hanging over your head for as long as you work there, and if they ever find out you lied on your paperwork, that's usually grounds for firing. At the same time, you gotta eat. Tough call, and a personal one that only you can make.
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How about counting your blessings? One dui can be a mistake. No sane person would ever repeat that mistake. Two, is starting to look like a problem, and not just for you.

I met a young guy in AA, just released from a prison sentence. Made the same mistake you did. Had a row with his wife over his drinking, got into his car to drive to the bar. He was unaware that his two year old son was behind the car. The little fella had wandered out of the house while his parents were distracted with their argument. He backed right over him, killing his little boy instantly. Surely it is a blessing that you avoided that disaster.

I sometimes talk about an older man, an alcoholic who returned to drink after 17 years dry. Crashed his car. Took three months to die. I was his only visitor. he had a broken neck, head injury, thrombosis in his legs from immobility, and a chest infection. He could not breathe on his own and was intubated, and there fore could not talk. I was with him when they disconnected the life support and he died. I never saw anyone so scared. Surely it is a blessing that didn't happen to you.

You have quite a lot to be grateful for. Maybe it is time to take responsibility, and change your behaviour. You will be very pleasantly surprised at how forgiving and supportive society can be to a young person who genuinely changes into an asset in the community rather than a menace. That was my experience. I stopped drinking at 22 by going to AA and doing what they suggested. I have been sober ever since, have not offended in any way other than a couple of speeding tickets, and the wolrd has given me a ton of opportunities. And I am just one of thousands of young people who have found a better way.

Maybe it is time to take a good look in the mirror.
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Agree with the statements made,although owi really affects a guys life,may be a opportunity to make make some changes because this sounds a lot like me In 1989.
At 20 years old I had 2 owi's,Any normal person would of stopped or would not be in that situation at 20.Once I started I could not control my drinking nor my poor decision making.So before I was 21 I got the 3rd,Unfortantly it involved a accident in which someone died.Then it took a decade to put my life somewhat back together,but never can forget get that night,been 30 years.
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Not sure what you mean by good paying job. You're a grad student which means you come with advanced education. Most jobs starting pay in professional arena pay you your worth to them. Your DUI's have taken many career paths out of possibilities, i.e. Law enforcement.

Most employers make their applicants get live scanned before salary and job offers. They also will check your social media pages and your friends/families pages to see if your character matches what they interpreted during the hiring process. Your salary offers will be lower than if you didn't have DUI's. That is because your education and background is what they want but you come with risk. I would suggest minimizing the risk by taking action and getting yourself into a program. If you say you just don't drink is a higher risk of relapse than someone in a program that promotes sobriety.

Good luck in your future endeavors but remember without sobriety you won't have a good paying job or a job at all.
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I feel for you , as a youngster I could never understand how people drink and drive , but it's simple really the alcohol affects the judgements we make.

Best of luck with whatever you do, I have drunk and drive before but don't anymore.
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If you have not pled, I would seriously consider trying to get the second one reduced with a good lawyer. Either way, it is never as bad as it seems, provided you make the necessary changes. We are here to help.
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