What a difference a week makes!

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What a difference a week makes!

This time last week I drank a bottle of wine to stop my hands shaking from the night before. Must've been over 2 years since I'd had a sober day, (20+ years heavy drinking/alcoholism, got worse and worse) so enough is enough, I stopped on the 26th of May. I'm a fairly fit functioning alcoholic so wouldn't recommend cold turkey for everyone. But, last weekend was still hell, two days of sweaty panic, couldn't eat, bad runs, no sleep. Sat crying on Sunday (I don't cry!) this will live with me forever as a reminder not to go back. This week wasn't easy, but I now feel like I'm recovering from flu or something and getting my strength back. Moral of my story, avoiding drink is easier than withdrawal from drink. So I won't think in weeks/months/years time I can just have a few and be a 'normal drinker'.
All the best everyone S
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Congrats on your week Steveo

For me early recovery had a few ups and downs - we're here if you need us
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Well done on biting the bullet and making a positive change in your life! My advise is to read and post daily on SR to remind yourself why you don't drink anymore. Learning the basics of AVRT (see the secular connections forum) really helped me through the transition to sobriety. The basic idea is that thoughts of drinking should be recognized as psychological symptoms of your addiction. It's much easier to ignore these thoughts if you recognize them as your Addictive Voice speaking.

I am at 18 weeks and quitting booze is already one of the very best things I have done for myself. I don't feel anywhere near "normal" yet, but my health, physical appearance and entire outlook has changed for the better.

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