45 months today

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45 months today

I'm working towards 48 months sober. Tomorrow it'll be 45 months. Ups and downs but mostly up. Got a wild hair last night. Spotted my old vinyl record collection stored in my basement. I still have an old home stereo system I bought in the mid nineties. It works like a charm and have a turntable also. Got home excited as a kid and rearranged one of my bedrooms and got everything set up and after two hours of rearranging furniture and books I got my system up and running. Put a record on and wow what a sound. Reliving my youth. What does this have to do with sobriety you may ask? Well, in the past I would have come home after stopping at the store to pick up a six pack of beer. By the time I would be done eating supper I would be on beer number four and contemplating going out for more. All while a project like I just did would have just become another pipe dream with no results. it's the little things in life like that which matters to me anymore. No anxiety and no desire to drink. Stay the course and there are no telling what you can accomplish, from small little things like I did today to meaningful volunteer work etc. Don't waste it on drink.
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Great post, tnman.

A huge congratulation on 45 months; well done.

I'll bet that your new set-up looks great.
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congrats on 45 months, nearly at 4 years!

randomly I had a mix with some records today for the first time in ages. so much fun
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Very well done tnman, sounds like your doing fantastic. Great post
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Thank you very inspiring. What albums did you find?
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Originally Posted by sunshine72 View Post
Thank you very inspiring. What albums did you find?
I found some old British glam rock to begin with; Sweet with Brian Connolly, early seventies. Yes, I'm old On a somewhat related note. Brian Connolly died way too young in the nineties. He was 51 years old I think. Heavy drinking, drugs and a lifestyle not conducive to health.
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So cool! I have some old albums. Twisted Sister is one. Lol
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Well tnman (Tinman?) nothing compares to record albums, except maybe listening to records without a drink screwed into your hand.

Forty-five months is worth spinning a few discs over. Congratulations! Check in again at four years, if not sooner, so we can have a little electronic party for you.

p.s. I have to admit in shame that I've gone over to the dark side....converting youtube music...horrifying....and have my music on a little music player that clips to my shirt. It's okay, I won't drink over it!!!
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Do your best
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Nice work Tnman I hear you about the vinyl
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Great stuff man. Life has returned. It's awesome. Thanks for sharing and keep going.

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Congrats on 45 months sober!!
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wow! congratulations.
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Being Sober is Awesome
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another great post - congrats tnman

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