Heavy sleeping after detoxing?

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Heavy sleeping after detoxing?

Is it common to have vivid dreams after the detoxing period?

My detoxing period was just a few nights, as I'm a habitual evening drinker but not a heavy drinker. While I'm all done with the night sweats and uneasiness feeling, I've been having really intense dreams and sleeping like a rock these last few nights. Last night I woke up to my wife screaming at me about the dog with the front door wide open. I couldn't tell if I was dreaming or not. In my head, I thought that I had left the door open and the dog had gotten out, which had resulted in the scolding I was receiving at 4am. In reality, my wife was simply letting the dog out to go to the bathroom, and after the 3rd time I asked her what she was doing she started yelling at me out of frustration. I don't remember talking to her at all. I only remember waking up to being yelled at? It's like I'll enter this half awake half asleep zombie state when I'm first woken up. It's almost like sleep walking. I'm typically the type of person that wakes up on a dime.

Anyone else experience this and for how long? I'm a couple weeks in with a 2 day relapse in the middle. I was originally just "taking a break," but after failing to go 30 days without drinking and experiencing DT's, I decided I want to be done fore good, as I feel my drinking addiction has gotten to the point that it controls me.
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For me personally I can say unequivocally, Yes.

A feature of all my sober periods has been dreaming. When drinking I rarely had dreams, or at least any I could remember, which I have concluded was probably because drunk sleeping is more drunken stupor than good sleep.

The first time I went through withdrawal I experienced bizarre half dream have hallucination which was I think I fairly normal part of the withdrawal experience. But after that subsides I find dreams just are very vivid and I remember details after waking.

The downside to this is I have have the odd disturbing dream, but it's far outweighed by the many many very pleasurable dreams I have
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My first few days of detoxing were always horrible, at least when I would quit cold turkey. Never really slept right, I'd doze off only to have a nasty nightmare, wake up and repeat. I'd remember every hour on the clock. It was bad for me. Usually by the fourth or fifth day, my sleep patterns would stabilize a bit. About the two week mark I'd sleep like a whole new person.

It takes time. My dreams right now are really odd. But I will say, I am sleeping through the night, may get up around 2am to take a whiz, but otherwise the sleep & dreams/nightmares has gotten much better.

ETA: I understand that remembering your dreams is a good sign you are hitting the REM cycle of sleep, which is good.
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I certainly experienced vivid dreams and from what I read here it's very common with others too

They will fade in frequency and intensity in time time4change
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There is an adjustment period no doubt. I would sleep for hours and hours on end and feeling completely exhausted for about a week. Vivid dreams were common as well, likely because we're actually sleeping, not passed out in a drunken stupor.
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