Sobriety ...PIECE OF CAKE!!!

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Hah! Yes, chickens. Amazing, simple animals. Growing up on the farm, I was the chicken lady...I took care of the chickens; it was one of my designated was self designated; I took it on and made it mine. Lots of good lessons there; I enjoyed just observing the chickens and you're right, when you talk to them, they sort of **** their heads to side and look at you as if they are really listening. Ok, well, there are many many things we can find in life we enjoy, right?

Mrs. Cooter, you are one funny lady. Middle child? Peace-maker? I was both of those. We all really just want peace, don't we? And some of us are better at making it amongst ourselves than others...But I didn't take on the people pleaser role. My second oldest sister got that one and she still battle with it today. It's a funny thing with birth order and 'family roles' that we've had since youth. When one starts to break out of the 'role', we don't know quite how to handle it at first.
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MCB, I am always looking ahead to the next move. Grew up in Massachusetts, left without a backward look, lived in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. Now back in Mass to help sibs with aged parents. Still don't like it and I don't want to stay past the mamas' deaths. I like being close to water and family. The rest, meh.
I think I would like to go back to the mid-atlantic. I liked it there.
Don't think I would like way south.
But def want to live somewhere where winters aren't so harsh, so Ihear you.
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This takes time to figure out. Appreciate hearing all the experiences. Will check back tomorrow. Another new day...another perspective! <3
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i was keeping it much more simple, MsCB, when i referred to you repeatedly slapping yourself.
drinking again is the slap.
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