Thank you Dee and your 142,913 posts

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Thank you Dee and your 142,913 posts

Wow Dee,

seeing how active you are here I had to do some math.

Assuming you average one minute on SR per post you have logged in 2381.88 hours. That is more than a full time employee will work in a complete year.

That is a generous amount of time and knowledge that you share with us drunks. It is very appreciative!

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Dee is our version of the Energizer Bunny for sure

Thanks for ALL you do here at SR!
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Thanks for the kind words's a great privilege to be part of this community - and it beats the heck out of drinking my life away

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sober style
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I bet 30% of them are asking people if they have a plan! haha just kidding, Dee is the best.
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Thanks, Dee the Wise.
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Thanks so much Dee. X❤️
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Thank you dee.
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And that's not to mention the hours spent reading others posts, deliberating, sending and responding to PMs and intervening in others discussions

Dee and Scott are both Bionic. Saints wish they had the patience of Dee and Scott

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Ditto on all the above dee, you're AWESOME!!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Glad to have your friendship Dee.

Here's our feelings about your help.
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Thanks Dee. Hell of a legacy my friend 😀
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Night...just checking in. Thanks for all you do Dee! I bet you don't realize how much you help people! Sleep well...
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Mid afternoon here, lol

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Agreed. Dee has helped me out of many tight spots. Cheers!
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Thanks again for the kind words

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I completely agree. Dee is one of my heroes, and he has a great sense of humor as well. He is pretty incredible to have as a friend!
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Originally Posted by SnazzyDresser View Post
I bet 30% of them are asking people if they have a plan! haha just kidding, Dee is the best.
and 25,000 of them are redirecting people away from moderation.
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Hillbilly Girl
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Thank You Dee
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Thanks so much Dee for all the tremendous work you do to help us here on SR!
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