Superbowl PARTY....PARTY...

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Superbowl PARTY....PARTY...

Sitting here pondering what to do tomorrow. That will only be day six for me. Usually I rip roar it up! We all meet in this HUGE shop a friend has. He put in a wood burning stove. Usually ribs...shrimp...sometimes even prime rib are on the menu on those cafeteria tables ...everyone does carry in for the salads and sides. Serve yourself! Don't mind if I do! BUT-Right next to that is the other cafeteria table with every kind of liquor you would ever see. Stocked open bar. We don't eat till half time. By then I am in my element - Sometimes not even enjoying the food..just something in my stomach to absorb the alcohol. What the heck. Plus I have to hit youtube to catch all the commercials that I zoned through on Monday...What a train wreck...

Conclusion: STAY HOME! I know myself well. Not only the alcohol is a trigger but all these people are too. It is what we do. I hit the grocery store and made a pot of green chili. Fresh tortillas..Chips and dips. I will have a damn good time. Watch me!
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Sounds like a good plan to me. And your menu plan sounds even better- enjoy!
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I have 13 months of continuous sobriety and I have been invited to a party very similar to yours. I have been dealing with anxiety since the invite. I want to go but worried because my sobriety might be jeopardized. I even took a shift at work that starts a couple hours after the superbowl will end. So, I will be making a game time decision as to where I am spiritually. If I am spiritually fit then I might go.
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Think hard and deep. I had a year in before and hung out with my triggers...that..was the END of that. Each time takes me longer to get back on track. We are like fingerprints. No two drunks are the same. Good luck Done4..I feel so much better now that I won't be rolling around all night not sleeping trying to figure out what to do.
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My birthday is tomorrow, so we're actually celebrating it today. Kinda like a super bowl party. My cake I got is football themed... cause that was what they had ready!
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I'm going to eat and drink a bunch of sparkling water and just enjoy the game. Not going to think about what I'm missing by not drinking. And Ms Cooter I must say those ribs and shrimp sound awfully good....
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Are folks really invested in the game itself?


Is it all the hype folks put into celebrating
with booze and food?

If there was no "party" could you just
sit an watch this last football game just
like any other football game?

Im not a huge football fan, but do
follow somewhat so if asked a question
I could possibly answer it.

Sooooo, this day for me is just another
day, a day watching golf and whatever
comes next is what i will do.

I wont have a problem waking up sober
tomorrow because my sobriety life is
anchored into the ground and no matter
what is swirling in the air, what's all the
fuss on tv is, what's happening in anothers
backyard, I'm taking care of me and what
is most important in my life and health

Take away all the hype in today and
what do you have left?

A sober tomorrow.
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This will be the first sober Super Bowl Sunday since the 1989 Super Bowl.

I probably won't see much of it. I have an AA meeting that starts at 5:30pm and I go back to work tomorrow after a 3 month leave of absence so I will be in bed early.

I have no wagers on the game this year so I really don't care much about it.

I really don't need to watch all these beer commercials and it is true, without all the hype and parties is the Super Bowl really such a big deal?

I have been to so many super Bowl parties in which I never watched the game; I was drinking, talking, eating, playing poker, etc.
It isn't really about the game
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On the way home from work I am picking up filet mignon, get the grill to 500 2.5 minutes flip , flip and flip again, asparagus with evoo and garlic, and just now convinced wife to whip up some apple crisp
Dont care who wins , just hoping for a good game and the numbers 4 and 6 figuring into the score
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That is the whole thing...I am going to watch it sober for the first time in YEARS...see what all the hooplah is about. I didn't bet on either team...usually I do. And I do believe it is parties first...with the game in the background. The commercials won't bother me. If I am in real life around drinkers ...then THAT is a different story. Sweaty glistening steins in real life get my attention. So for today...I will stay in my isolation phase of the start of my sobriety. This six. I am excited!!!
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I will be watching the Puppy bowl.
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