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I couldnt do any better than to quote Boleo, a wise contributor to this site. In a slightly different context, recovering vs recovered he wrote:

" Recovering = thinking about not drinking,
Recovered = not thinking about drinking."

The tenth step promises answer your question by describing the recovered state.
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For me, absolutely it lessens over time.

There was a point when it switched from "Hey, I didn't think about drinking today, that's great" to "Hey, I actually thought about drinking today, haven't done that for a long time". For me that happened after about a year.

I still get urges but they are rare and as long as I have my mechanisms for dealing with them and don't entertain them for a second, I hopeful.
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Originally Posted by Sammy1980 View Post
So far when I have a craving I stop and think where it will lead me. It will take me right back to the place I do not want to be! I replay in my mind all that I hate about drinking. So far it has been working.
I miss the real me and want myself back!
In a sense, yes, sobriety has brought back the "real me." And I am a pretty swell person.

HOWEVER - I am a completely different person than when I was drinking. So any thoughts that I can just not drink and "go back to me" have necessarily changed.

And this me? So much better than any previous version.
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