Weight loss after giving up alcohol

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Weight loss after giving up alcohol

Just looked at this gallery of people before and after giving up alcohol and its amazing. Edit: I'm new so I cant post links, search "10+ Before-And-After Pics Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking".

Did anyone else experience drastic weight loss?

I gained about 80lbs over 10 years of heavy drinking, and after figuring out the calories it was probably a extra 2000 calories per day.

Just hoping the weight comes off now that I quit.
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Welcome aboard Sk187! A lot of people do lose weight after quitting. Not me though! I gained like 35lbs. I was hardly eating before I quit, so once I regained my appetite I really enjoyed it. Anyways, good luck on your sobriety!
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It will, as long as you're not just replacing the alcohol with carbs and liquid calories in other forms. And give your body time to rebound from any insulin resistance that might have developed.
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Welcome to SR sk187. I've seen the photos you mention, I think the link has been posted here before actually, pretty striking differences.

The answer to the question is that certainly a lot of people lose weight after they stop drinking, but everyone's results will vary. I think obviously if you reduce your caloric intake by 2000 calories a day that shouldn't hurt though!
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Excellent, cant wait to see how this goes.

I know I was drinking around a 1/4 gallon of vodka a day, that's a lot of calories.
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i was 275lbs the day i quit with no effort at all i dropped to 255 or so. I then dieted and excercised and dropped to 150lbs i'm currently about 165lbs and run 50 miles a week etc..

so yeah it can be done. I surprise myself with what i've been able to do.
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I'm down around 60 pounds from February from my sober periods.
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Originally Posted by SnazzyDresser View Post
I'm down around 60 pounds from February from my sober periods.
dang thats awesome!
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I've lost twenty pounds in two months without exercising. No trying to eat away my hangovers ��
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wow! I've never seen that before. It's not just ten; you can keep going on for more pages.

Very inspiring. Not just weight loss, but a glow in the skin and the eyes. So much change!
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Originally Posted by heartcore View Post
wow! I've never seen that before. It's not just ten; you can keep going on for more pages.

Very inspiring. Not just weight loss, but a glow in the skin and the eyes. So much change!
yeah i had better looking skin with in a few weeks less blotchy ness etc..

i started to feel better too not having the daily hangovers it was odd cause its liek eyah i still wanted to drink but i was starting to actually remember what it was like to wake up and NOT be hungover and started to realize i kinda liked it more waking up without a hangover what a concept.
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Sometimes what happens is the newly sober addict will gain a few pounds as the body attempts to balance out. Then, with a reasonable diet and exercise, the pounds begin to fall off.
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Just doing the math a ounce of vodka has 65 calories and a 1/4 gallon has 32 ounces.

65calories x32ounces = 2,080 calories

I was +/- a 1/4 gallon a day, so I was taking in around 2,000 calories a day from
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I gained over 50 pounds while drinking. I've been sober for almost 2 weeks now, eating relatively healthy (I have my slip ups lol) and working out. Looking forward to shedding those pounds.
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I lost 30 pounds which put me at my goal weight when I stopped drinking. But it wasn't only from cutting out alcohol that helped me to lose weight. I started eating better and exercising. If you're not big on exercise that's okay. I've read so many studies that say if you want to lose weight the best way is to look at your diet.

I started counting calories using my fitness pal app (it's free!) - that way I could make sure I wasn't eating more calories than I was burning. It helped me to see not only how many calories are in foods but also what nutrients I getting and also lacking from my diet. Helped me to learn to make better food choices and now I don't have to count calories because I have a general idea of how many calories are in what I eat... and I also don't worry about if I occasionally go out for an ice cream cone or lunch.

Losing weight takes time and you should really only lose no more than 2# per week - but you're on a great start by quitting drinking! So many empty calories in alcohol!

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I lost about ten pounds after I stopped drinking.
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I felt I. was the super skinny 55year old hag quickly looking older than supposed to. Trying to gain overall weight, not just in belly. When I think of all that white wine-lots of empty calories not going in I have indulged in salty sweet crunch nutty whatever Plan to stop buying treats is next....really.
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I seem to be gaining weight! All I drank was wine and ate crisps for weeks. Now I can't stop eating . I even got out of bed at midnight last night and made cheesy beans on toast. Hope it evens out because I hate being fat. I'm a bit too poorly to exercise yet but when I can I will start
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I gained a LOT of weight over the years drinking, and then gained a little more after I quit.

I was drinking a lot and eating horrible food before bed, but not eating a lot during the day. I got sober and starting eating regular meals, but in the stress of early recovery, I ate whatever I wanted and wasn't feeling good physically, so not much exercise. In the months since I've started walking and eating better and it is coming off easily though. Set back last month with a death in the family and stress eating, but I know what to do now.

So, SK187, it may be that you find weight go on or come off, but you're on the right track!
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Now that is inspiring. Bring it on!
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