40 Days & 40 Nights

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Talking 40 Days & 40 Nights

Hello Sober people,
I am on my 40th sober day and I feel amazing. I had a moment of strength today. I was driving Grams to work and she was in the passenger seat. I had hit the breaks pretty hard and one of the bottles I was going to drink on my way to detox 40 days ago that I ended up leaving in the car for my family to throw out, pops out from under the seat. It made my mouth water just looking at a full pint of vodka unopened. But I didn't drink it. I Poured it out into the parking lot of her job and she through the empty container out. That was big for me, I could have and over a month ago would have driven to the Packy right after seeing her empty that. But I refused to open up Pandora's box again. The smell disgusted me and I'm happy I was able to restrain myself. Life's getting better ONE DAY AT A TIME
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FANTASTIC job on day 40. Keep it up and stay strong and stay focused. Don't ever drink that crap again. Its poison. Pure poison.
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Day 44 here! Be proud of getting rid of that alcohol. Especially given its "surprise attack" on you.
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I'm really glad you did that Rilla. I hope you won't find any more unaccounted of bottles

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Awesome job!!! Keep doing what you're doing it's working.
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Sober date 5/1/13
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Great! Congratulations on 40 days
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That was so far out RillaWalser. Isn't it good when the smell becomes repulsive. To empty an entire bottle of vodka is an enormous thing to do, and so very happy for you.
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