This is where untreated addiction leads

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This is where untreated addiction leads

Just learned that my sister-in-law's brother died of alcoholism at the age of 40. He lived in an abandoned trailer in a crappy town in south Texas, penniless and alone. About 15 years ago he told his mother and sister he wanted no contact with them ever again, they didn't even know he lived in Texas. A neighbor found their address and contacted them. He left two dogs and my brother contacted a local shelter that found them a good home. His mother had resigned herself to his fate, said she didn't want to pay for him to be buried in Texas so his ashes will be shipped to my brother.

I met Charley about 20 years ago when he came north for his sister's wedding. Even though he wasn't drinking I knew he was an alcoholic a few minutes after meeting him based on his attitudes. In October I celebrated 25 years of sobriety but this shakes me to the core. No one knows why some people can stop drinking and it could very easily be me.

If you have even a few days, hang on for dear life. Go to any lengths necessary to stay sober. I know so many similar stories.
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Me too, NYC. It is so sad. There is hope and healing available to all who want it and work for it.

I'm very sorry for your loss.
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This is a very good and important post. Thank you.
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Wow. I'll be 40 next year and its stories like this that shake me up as well. My condolences to your loss.
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Sorry for your loss words can bring him back of course but we can learn from his pain to possibly help ourselves or others.
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It shakes me to the core as well, 40 yo. I am so sorry for your loss.
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That's too bad that this guy died, but if he was a hopeless alcoholic, penniless and alone, I don't really see how him dying in a trailer in a small town in South Texas is that much worse that if he'd died in a NYC penthouse.
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Thank you for posting about this tragedy, NYC. I'm sure it will encourage many. I could definitely have met a similar fate.
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Addiction & alcoholism are the loneliest stories in the universe.

Books no one even wants to read.

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Ps. Blessings on whomever adopted the dogs. One of the saddest things for me is the thought of dogs losing their human, & being too old for folks to consider adoption.
A beautiful & meaningful act. They were likely his only true friends, & he theirs.
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when i drank and smoked i wondered if i'd make it to my 40's or past them. I'll be 40 this year and I dont worry or wonder about it anymore. I think i'll be ok.

I've read a number of stories of folks to die young from this its just awful. it doesnt have to be that way. *sigh*
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My best friend just did this (drank self to death) in November. -His situation was a bit different though. Instead of being a recluse, he had hundreds of loving friends. He left a wife, a home, a four year old son and almost a million in the bank. -45.
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This is a deadly insidious progressive disease. It will stop at nothing until it kills the host. The only cure is to not drink . Of all the trials and tribulations we have in life nothing compares to dying of alcoholism. God bless his soul.
Thanks for sharing NYC
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