Is it too late?

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sober style
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I've been thinking about this all day. I'm focusing on 2 ideas:

1 A sense of stewardship about my body and even my soul. Just because I got this in the mail doesn't mean I get to do whatever I want to with it. There is a sense of responsibility I need to nourish within myself, to take care of this thing.

2 An obligation to help other people who are addicted to alcohol by sharing my story with them, and by living out a good, full, sober life as an example. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that nothing good comes from abusing alcohol full-time.
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Originally Posted by SnazzyDresser View Post
You have a family and children already!
Im divorced and my boyfriend of 8 years doesn't have children either and he has his moments where he feels he has missed out. We have a puppy and he fills that void. Your worth it SnazzyDresser
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Certainly there are boys and girls clubs that need mentors. If you feel you missed out on having kids, lead a church youth group or be a big brother. There are a lot of kids in need.
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Originally Posted by Algorithm View Post
What does this mean, exactly?

That quitting drinking is a bargain, and that you want a big payoff in exchange for the loss of that precious stuff that is killing you?

That if there is no big payoff, then back to the stuff you go?

The fact that you cannot imagine a satisfactory life without alcohol in it should give you some pause as to the nature of your relationship with alcohol, but drinking is still a liberty.
There is a very big pay off in the AA program, way beyond stopping drinking.

A year or two ago we started a big book study. We had a bunch of people show up with two to three years in the fellowship. They had been following the advice of just don't drink and go to meetings. They were very disappointed that nothing seemed to have changed. There was no pay off, and they were ready to leave AA. It is very common. One can only get so far on self discipline before fatigue sets in.

So we got into the book and found out where the pay off is, and how to get it. Those folks stayed and things did change.

The pay off was so huge and so beyond anything I Imagined. At 57 I was able to set off on my life long dream of sailing the South Pacific. That is just one thing that has happened. The interesting thing is that the drink problem was removed almost as a by product of living the steps. My internal condition became so much better that drinking became redundant.
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dont let the drink keep you in prison man.
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I think that a better quality of life would be worth beginning at any age
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