Other things you count...

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Other things you count...

I'm coming up to 4 years dry on the 18th of Feb (not that I'm counting) and I was wondering if people count other benchmarks.

For example, I haven't had a cold since the October after quitting drink. I stopped smoking then and went over to one of those e-cigs....still got one on the go now. Perhaps that can go this year too.

So, right now I'm in my hotel that I have been in for the past 11 weeks (home at weekends and 3 weeks off for christmas) and I've never even turned the TV on. Its a bit sad but its another thing I am proud of saying. Alright, combination of being out on site 8-7 and then sitting at the desk til midnight working most nights and, I just have no patience for TV.

Anyone else count silly things like that?
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I count my blessings!
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I don't really count, but I haven't had any caffeine (except whatever is in milk chocolate) since summer 2011... Just need to get the nicotine out of my life now.
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Besides counting my sober days I was counting down to school starting. Now I am taking everything a day at a time.
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I am counting down the days until spring.
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I haven't thrown up once in the 19 months since I quit drinking. I don't think I ever really thought about that ...I take not gagging and dry heaving for granted now!
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