How Long Did Your Taper Last?

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LOL! I tried that a bunch of times. It would last for a week or two at best. I had to hit the bottom to go cold turkey so that's what I did. My advice to you my friend, get a new doctor.
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I never tried tapering off, it's pointless for this alcoholic to attempt drinking less. Once I picked up a drink I was powerless over the quantity and what happened.
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Originally Posted by NYCDoglvr View Post
Once I picked up a drink I was powerless over the quantity and what happened.
And somehow every relapse I suffered, I thought it would be different.
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Originally Posted by least View Post
I think I'd be looking for a doctor who knew something about addiction.
That thought crossed my mind too. The only training they get here, at the medical school consists mainly of presentations by NA and AA, and the trainee doctors visit a few AA meetings. It is not easy to find a doctor with experience in recovery from alcoholism.
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Tapering never worked for me. I'd taper down for a week or 2 and then just drinking heavily again
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I tapered, I did it in about three days. The day that was my quit day, I ended up having a half shot of rum because I had such a rapid heartbeat. That delayed my quit by one day, but it worked.

I had been drinking all day every day for months, drinking daily for years.
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I was a wine and/or vodka drinker. I tapered with beer and it took a week. I'm on day 18 now and feeling pretty good.
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Took me 2 days. I was very diligent and ate well regularly.
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I'll join the never had luck with tapering crowd but I have tried it and know there are websites out there that give advice on how to taper based on your alcohol intake quantity and length of use.

Found them by a Google search and if I remember correctly quiet a few came up.

However, I'd agree on seeing a doctor who understands addiction if this taper doesn't work. As you can tell by the responses it hasn't been very successful for most of us here.
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