Back after being gone

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Back after being gone

I have talked to many of you through my years of sobriety. I have relapsed several times up until 2013 when I finally quit for good. I had a good friend and mentor, a Doctor named sobersloan on here that I quit with. Both of our lives went to separate paths, both of us said enough. Our bodies were giving up, I was 30, she was in her 50's. A couple of years ago, she had surgery, and started down a slippery slope that ultimately led to her death 9 months later, in a cold, dark concrete room. It was the hardest test of my sobriety. I bought a bottle of Vodka, I sat it in the pantry, and looked at it for days, weeks, taking things just minute by minute at times, until finally dumping it. I was in trouble with the law twice in 6 months in 2012, my ex wife left me, things just weren't very good to be sober, but I managed it with a higher power much greater than my inner strength.

It's amazing that after a few months of sloan's departure from this human form, someone she was close to had a friend that was just starting this journey, another person with the same bubbly personality that I could latch onto and we could keep each other sober. She is now 16+ months sober, and I am hitting 4 years on Sunday morning. This past holiday season was tough, as I've adopted my new wife's children, but there was some revelations that came to light that made it extremely tough as a dad to not drink. I knew what I had to do, was to come back to SR, my home, my place of safety, and back to all of my long time friends here.

I am just here to say that I am glad I faced all of the demons with a sober, level head. I'm glad I have all of you in my life, though not always around here, I know I can always come back to the comfort of SR. I'm thankful for good friends, a fantastic family, my health, a great job, a beautiful house -- all things that feel so easy to get once you're sober.

For those of you struggling today, all I can tell you is that when I relapsed several times before quitting, nothing good ever came of it. I'm healthy today, when there is a chance I might be dead or in jail. It's not to say I don't have my share of problems, but it's surprising how easy they are to work on when you have 24 hours in a day, instead of just 5-6. It hurts sometimes, but I think about that hurt, and how it was an emotion I didn't used to have when drinking. I don't like hurt, but I appreciate that I can 'feel' anything at all, and how it builds me as a stronger person.

I can't tell anyone how long I'll be around this time, but hopefully it's for a little longer. A big part of my recovery is trying to help others who are suffering. I know how hard it is. So thankful again for all of you at SR.

Happy New Year.
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Also, aside from all of the above, who else here laughs when watching TV and they show all of the news stories about "Police this New Years are cracking down on drunk drivers." I remember during my drinking, I used to think, oh no, I better go get enough to last me until that's over!

Now I think, "Maybe I'll just take a leisurely drive around town after midnight, maybe stop at a couple of bars to see if anyone needs a safe drive home." :-D
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Thankyou SCD- you give me hope, perhaps the best gift I can accept today.
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Always so nice to see you, SoCalDude.

Congratulations on 4 years!

Great job.
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Welcome back SoCalDude, thanks for sharing and congratulations! I hope you can stick around too, we could learn a lot from your presence here.
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Good to hear from you, SoCal. Most sorry about your friend. Gone too soon.
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I just want to say that is an honor and privilege to bring to bring fine young people into this world. Good on you.
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Awesome post. thank you for taking the time to share that with us.
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Thanks for sharing, SoCaldude. Oh, and your avatar kind of creeps me out.
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It is wonderful to see you again. I have missed talking to you!Congrats on your 4 years!!
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Welcome back and congrats on 4 years SCD
Thanks for invoking sobersloans memory again too
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Wonderful to hear from you again, SoCal - it's such a joy and great encouragement when members return here with the news of their ongoing sobriety, especially under such extremely difficult and painful conditions.
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Good to see you and welcome back, SCD. Glad to hear you're doing well. I'm sorry that I don't remember sobersloan, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Congrats on four years SoCalDude!
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Originally Posted by Upstairs View Post
Thanks for sharing, SoCaldude. Oh, and your avatar kind of creeps me out.
Creeps me too LOL........thanks Socal.....
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Welcome back SoCalDude!! 4 Years is fantastic!!
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Congrats on your sobriety SoCal and for your openness and honesty.

Much love to you xxxx
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Psalm 118:24
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Grats on your four years!!
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Thanks for that wonderful post, SoCalDude. May 2017 be a year of blessings for you and yours.
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