Getting an elephant off my chest

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Resolutely Staying Sober ODAAT
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I was doing SO well, I was hanging out with friends at BBQ's, working in the garage, heck I could even sit at a bar and eat lunch without it bothering me.

I need to renew my vigor on this site and help support others going through the steps of sobriety.

I hope that if I keep my sobriety more of a central part of my life, rather than a part that I do not want to frequently acknowledge, I can continue on the path I was on.
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You definitely Can, close up those loopholes
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Resolutely Staying Sober ODAAT
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Here is an excellent published paper on kindling that I found.

Thanks for the research topic!

Also, breaking out THE BIG BOOK for some evening reading. Thanks again for all of the support everyone, I TRULY appreciate it!
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Thanks for linking that, Nuke. It clearly states the danger in repeated detoxes or binge drinking. It took my central nervous system quite a while - like over a year - to react normally to life. Of course at the time I just thought I was an anxious person or a nervous person. It was only in hindsight that I could see how it had affected me. It's a long process that I never want to repeat.

Kindling is scary. I've known of people with extended sobriety who went back out an ended up dead very soon afterwards due to alcohol withdrawal.

Be careful out there.
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Welcome back Nuke

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Don't forget Nuke - you still DO have that year of sobriety under your belt. Keep moving forward and don't let what happened discourage you in your recovery. As long as you learn from it.
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