Annoying "all-inclusive" resort experience

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Great post, dot.

I'm a bit like soberlicious and grungehead - uh, it wouldn't be pretty, put it that way :-) And, yeah, I get pretty peeved too at this 'all inclusive' business', precisely because a certain amount of booze is factored in to the price, as is the socially 'normal' assumption that all guests will indeed want to buy yet more drinks, and as many as is humanly possible.

I've sometimes looked into maybe a cruise or a resort type thing for myself too - first, the price (given my current financials) stops me dead. But even if that wasn't a problem - I simply wouldn't feel comfortable knowing how much the booze is stitched into it all. Therefore, what could otherwise be a pleasant and fun time in a nice place would - for me, as I'm usually in very early recovery (unlike those of you, dot included, with some sound 'time' free of booze), would inevitably feel like an awkward dance around the damn stuff. Too much ducking n diving, too much hard work on what's supposed to be a holiday. No thanks!
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Here is something you might consider on future get aways
Sober Cruises "Because Sobriety Should Be Fun"
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